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Just Do It!

This is a complete change from my usual style of blog – I decided to record a VLOG instead!


The wild, wise crone in me came out yesterday morning, and inspired me to show up and just be real – because that’s the most powerful thing you can do (I believe) – and it’s the thing that I want to enable my clients to do.


I had an epiphany recently, and I figured I can’t ‘hide’ behind my words alone – spouting at you from behind my safe, anonymous computer screen encouraging you to ‘be your real self’, if I don’t lead from the front!


I had the wild, crazy idea to do a video blog, without preparation, without a new outfit or hairdo or makeup – to just show up and be real.


You’ve got to do that thing that scares the life out of you, because it might just breathe life INTO you!

I did just that, and I can confirm that it definitely did!

I feel bizarrely free and exhilarated!


The video here is the result: (I’ll record in landscape mode for next time!)

Over To You:

I would love to know what’s the biggest thing that scares you? And how are you inspired to take action to overcome that ? Please leave me a comment and let me know!


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