Connecting - the signs will appear

The signs to guide your path WILL appear

I’ve had the most incredible two weeks ever!!!

It started with my mad idea to do a video blog , and then I did another one. I had such a wonderful warm response from people on Facebook and replies by email – it really made it doubly fulfilling for me to have inspired people by just being me!

Then things took an unexpected, but fabulous twist!

I’d heard that Twitter brings about rapid response to complaints, so I logged in to send a message to my electricity supplier.
Whilst I was there I connected with the amazing Corrina Gordon Barnes (whose courses have been transformational for me, I might add).

Someone who followed Corrina, then followed me, and before I knew it, I’d been invited to attend an awesome gathering of inspiring women.

The ‘old’ me would not even have been on Twitter, let alone conversing with people who’ve got *loads of followers*.

I juggled all the logistics to make sure that I’ll be there at the conference in person, to meet with these multi-passionate women and share their stories and mine.

Who is this person that can make all that stuff happen?

She’s a part of me who I discovered many years ago during my NLP training.
She’s my creative, confident, powerful self who makes things happen, and who effortlessly connects with and inspires people, just by being herself.

Her name is Madam Zizzi (that’s the name that came to me when I met her).

Before my Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) training I lived my life in almost constant fear and anxiety (and mostly hiding from people), because my ‘damaged child’ was trying to live my life for me.
I trained in NLP in order to heal myself, and what I found was a deep treasure trove of different parts of ‘ME’.

The initial exploration was one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done – to open my wounds, so they could get some light and air.
But it was worth it, and I did heal.

My inner child is not terrified anymore – she knows she’s safe, and she can relax and let the other parts of me take over (most of the time!).

That’s all very well, I hear you say – but how can I do that?

How can YOU summon the courage to do those awesome things that you’d love to do, but keep putting off ?

One thing I know for sure, is that the signs to guide your path WILL appear – and they’ll keep appearing until you act on them!

So don’t worry about ‘missing the boat’ – it’s never too late to take action on your dream pursuit!

How can you find your own Madam Zizzi?

The creative, visionary, confident, ‘let’s just do it’ part of you…

1) Connect with other women who have a zest for life and a passion for making a difference in the world

Their energy will rub off on you, and you’ll feel your glow come alive (that was there in your heart all along) and make you thirsty for more.

You can’t change by doing the same things you’ve always done – so find a space where you can absorb the positive energy of others, and you may even be inspired along the way!

Sharing and learning together is the best way to progress (and that’s a new realisation for me!)
Listening to the stories of others will spark things in you that you weren’t aware of before – and passion is infectious!

2) Take care of your inner child

I believe connecting with and nurturing your inner child is the foundation for moving onwards successfully with your big goals. It takes a deep sense of love and safety from within, to reach out and do scary things.

Listen to her when she feels scared, and reassure her that she’s safe, and she’s not alone.

There are many meditations and teachings about how to connect with your inner child, or you can simply connect by listening and journalling.

3) Keep connecting with yourself and be honest about how you feel

Being honest includes noticing when you’ve been triggered by something.

Instead of pushing that feeling away, or pretending you don’t feel it, let it in…. whatever it is.

Make it a regular practice that you take time each day to connect with how you feel about things.

By listening, you can develop a close nurturing relationship with the inner YOU.

Your inner child will then feel safe enough to let the other wonderful parts of you have their say.

Then you’ll be able to meet your own version of ‘Madam Zizzi’ (the creative, visionary, confident, expressive part of YOU), and you can blossom, from the inside through to the outside.

And you’ll find yourself doing those amazing things you want to do, and you’ll do them without thinking, because it will be a natural part of who you are!

The signs to guide your path will appear…

Trust that you’re exactly where you need to be right now. There’s no need to push and push – each little step you take is just right for you.

It’s the right time for me to be attending, in person, a conference of inspiring and visionary women – and I discovered that all because of the bad service of my electricity supplier!  I’m so looking forward to meeting these women and sharing their stories and wisdom.

Over To You:

Have you found a place where you can be inspired by other amazing visionary women?

Have you noticed yourself becoming a little bolder, just by being with them?

I’d love to hear your stories, so please leave me a comment!

With thanks to Fiona in Eden for the photo.

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