Awaken your best business selfDo you ever get the niggling feeling that you’re getting in your own way?

Are you holding back, not showing up in your business in the way that you’d really like. (and knowing that your ‘best self’ is in hiding) ?

I’ve had a dawning realisation recently, and it’s sparked some powerful questions for me.

I believe that we become conscious in layers, like peeling an onion, and each layer brings us closer to our ‘Truth’.

In this blog and video I share with you my answers to three simple, yet powerful, questions.

Ponder these 3 questions, and awaken your best business self!

1) What are you assuming?

Or in other words, what is part of you pretending is true, but really isn’t ?

In the video I share some assumptions I’ve made – including the MASSIVE assumption that I have to have everything figured out already, in order to be a competent teacher.

(where did I dream that one up?!)

I feel so much more free since I’ve realised this! – a weight has been lifted from my shoulders!

2) What could you take on as a possible reality or new belief that would make it easier for you to show up authentically and take more actions?

In the video I share some new beliefs I’ve taken on, and you know how beliefs tend to come in clusters, right ?!

Well this is a big juicy bunch that feels *great* to take on …

3) What and who are you becoming in the service of your business and the clients who really need your help?

Given that we’re all a work in progress, this question digs deep to find out the ‘truth’ that we can live into, every step of every new day.

One of my answers to this is – I’m becoming more of my real self, so I can formulate my message as I go along –

I cannot practise my message effectively in my head!

(Yep, I’ve been trying to do that… sound familiar?!)

I’m becoming a more public presence – since I realise I can only reach my ideal clients by being visible.

Hands up who’s been hoping that your ideal clients will somehow just find you, and you can remain mostly in hiding? …. yep, me too 😉

(I realise, of course, that I am my own ideal client! And I’m determined to help myself to put on my parachute and jump out of that aeroplane … and have a wild and amazing time as I float gently and safely down to the ground!)

Please watch the video and ponder your own answers to those three powerful questions!

Over To You:

Care to share your answers and inspire others? Please leave me a comment below – I’d love to know!

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