Give yourself permission

Give yourself permission

Do you ever give yourself a hard time because you *SHOULD* be able to do something ?

Watch the video to listen to my story and how I overcame my ‘SHOULDs’!

Give yourself permission to STOP the negative self talk…

and choose to do the things that make you feel good!

I’d been giving myself a hard time recently because I’ve been doing interviews and putting video content on my blog, and although I have lots of ideas of topics to write about, the thought of sitting down to write made me squirm and adopt my ‘avoidance’ mode…

(you know the one … where you do everything and anything *except* the thing you’re supposed to be doing)

I was good at English as a child, and I’d been telling myself you *should* be able to write … (and be a good girl and get top marks in class!… again)

So I told myself I *have to write articles*.

Yet I’d never stopped to ask myself “Do I enjoy it?”

I’ve been reading Danielle LaPorte’s amazing book The Desire Map, and starting to think about how I really feel about things – and I’ve been noticing more and more what it feels like to be ‘energised and inspired and engaged and excited’ about doing the things I want to be doing.

And so now I know when I’m feeling the exact opposite – dragged down, bored, listless, squirming, stuck, constricted.

That’s what I’ve been feeling when I sit down to write.

I finally gave myself permission to STOP doing it!

How often do you tell yourself you *should* do something?

Have you ever asked yourself “Do you enjoy it?”

Give yourself permission to STOP doing the things you don’t enjoy!

We don’t have to do things that drag us down and make us feel bad.

We can choose to do things that are fun and enjoyable!

Now that sounds like a ‘no-brainer’ – and yet how often do we put up with feeling ‘less than’ we want to feel?

So I challenge you to be more conscious of how you do feel about the things that you do.

So often we go through life in a fog, with all the shoulds and have to’s.

What if you were to stop and be conscious of how you feel, and choose to only do those things that make you feel good?

I feel so much lighter now I know I can communicate my message through video and write up a little bit about the content – in my own voice!!

(rather than agonise for hours about writing the ‘perfect’ article!)

Who knows, maybe this is what I needed to shake me out of my ‘perfectionist’ trap, and free me up to write more with my ‘own voice’ ? (whatever it is, it feels good!)

Over To You:

Are you aware of things that you think you ‘should’ do? How does it feel to give yourself permission to STOP and let them go?!

Care to share your answers and inspire others? Please leave me a comment below – I’d love to know!


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