Tiny steps make big progress

Tiny steps make big progress

It’s April 2010 and a single woman walks alone

in an isolated clearing in the forest, enjoying the miles of empty space, the warm fresh air and the view of trees in the distance. She walks a well trodden trail, a familiar route, and suddenly a phrase pops into her head “happy being you” ….

She’s jolted awake from her walking daydream.

Surprise … confusion….

The phrase comes again

“Happy being you …”

Now comes uncertainty, yet with a glimmer of hope and trust.

That woman was me 

I wasn’t sure about my business name or who I was meant to be helping, yet I trusted that the knowledge and understanding would come to me when it’s my time.

It’s definitely true that

Tiny steps make big progress!

Years ago I had a vision, where I was sitting in a group of caring, sensitive women in some sort of leadership role.

The vision kept coming back to me. I didn’t have any clue what that would involve, or how it would come about, but I trusted the Universe that this would happen at some point.

We all know the Universe works in ‘mysterious ways’, and not in any ‘linear’ fashion, right?!

And I believe it takes our own personal action, as well as Divine guidance, for things to actually come into being.

When I first became self employed I was hesitant, and didn’t really know what I was doing. I forced myself to go to business networking events (‘cos that’s what you’re supposed to do right?) but it was torture.

I was scared and overwhelmed and probably sounded like a robot trying to recite my ‘pitch’.

I had several bad experiences with networking events and I decided to avoid them.

Yet what I would have really valued (and desperately needed at that time) was a place where I could go to meet other self employed women and just be honest, and be myself .  

A safe and welcoming space  where I could feel I belonged, and where who I AM, is much more important than what I do.

And the answer to that dreaded “What do you do?” question would have been,

“Well, you know, I’m not really sure who my business is targeting, but I’m going to slowly learn and work it out as I go along.”

I didn’t have the right environment, or the confidence to say that back then.

Well, things are very different now.

Fast forward to  January 2015, and I’m creating the kind of supportive networking experience that I really value!

I’m so excited to be launching my first ever live group event!

(Yes, that means in person, a sit-down-next-to-me-and-have-a-cup-of-tea type event for self-employed women).

I’ve had this in the back of my mind for a long time… and little by little it’s started to happen.

You might be asking..

How did she do that?

Well the answer is … very very slowly.

The biggest difference for me , and what’s given me the fastest progress, is actually speaking to people in person – reaching out, connecting and sharing my ideas!

And that’s exactly the sort of help and support I want to offer to women through my group!

I’m rapidly learning the phenomenal power of networking – speaking to actual real live people (rather than being stuck behind my computer on my own, or using social media online only).

And you know what finally clinched it for me?

Finding a venue and booking a date.

Bam! – pressure on to get it sorted!

Tiny steps make big progress!

If you’d told me even a year ago that I’d be running my own group I’d have run a mile  – I wasn’t ready to embrace that challenge.

Yet here I am, after my own long (and never ending) personal development journey – feeling confident and excited to be running my own group.

A small part of me thinks it’s completely bonkers –

“Who do you think you are – running your own group???”

“Don’t you need to have years of experience and a certificate in group facilitation etc etc, and a proper ‘badge’ or something?”

“And “PROOF” that you know what you’re doing??”

Err no …

Actually I’m just going to go with the flow, and use my current skills of gentleness, sensitivity and compassion (not to mention all of my life experience) to guide women into connecting with each other in a meaningful way.

But I forgot to mention the most important thing I DO have.


I have a deep trust in myself to make this happen, because I believe passionately in what I’m doing and the difference it will make in the lives and businesses of self employed women.

And I realise that you can’t have ‘proof’ before you’ve done the first one.

That’s what’s stopped me in the past – all the critical thoughts (coming from a place of fear) putting a complete block on any forward action.

You’ve got to fire then aim!

The voice that’s loudest for me now is “You go for it girl!!”

“You’re smart, capable and you’ll do a great job!”

If you want to turn your vision into reality then

1) Find your vision (even if it’s just a glimmer) and keep it in your view.

2) Keep taking tiny steps towards that (and get support if you know there’s something getting in your way)

3) Tell people about it and make it real.

4) Celebrate your little successes with people who will share your happiness!

As you keep moving forward with your vision, one day you’ll find you’re actually doing it!


Over To You:

Do you have a vision that keeps coming back to you? (Even if you feel it’s wild and impossible) Do you have a sense that there’s something you’re meant to be doing? I’d love to know – please leave me a comment in the box below, and you may even prompt another person to bring forth their vision into action!

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