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not confused

I have spent the past two years skirting round an issue,

dancing feather light, in and out of the shadows, learning as much as I can about marketing my business, but not putting it into action.

I wrote some powerful blogs about finding confidence, challenging old beliefs, and even how to be your real self.

Yet I’ve changed my mind so many times about who my ‘Tribe’ are, that I’ve lost count.

I recently had a massive revelation and light bulb moment – and

I realise I’m here to serve introverts who want to build their business and share their passion, but who are scared to be visible,

so they never get to attract the clients and income they really want.

I stayed confused for two years, but now I’m taking a stand for being CLEAR!

Being confused allowed me to stay in hiding

Being confused meant I didn’t have to talk to strangers about what I do, because … “I’m still working it out.”

Being confused meant I didn’t ever have to get overwhelmed with too many business building activities because … “I’m still learning.”

Being confused meant I could stay mostly invisible (and therefore safe).

But being confused also means that I never get to have the impact I really want, and make the difference to people’s lives that I deeply care about.

So now I’m taking a stand for being CLEAR.

Why has this taken me so long to realise (and blog about?)

Part of me is hugely embarrassed and feeling ashamed.

I’ve got so many thoughts swirling through my head

“Have I really spent the last two years going round and round in circles and wasting my time (and looking stupid?!)”

“What will people think?”

“What will I say to the people who’ve signed up to hear from me, and now what I’ve got might not be right for them?”

“They’ll know I haven’t got it all figured out and I’ll look like a flake!”

“People won’t trust me …”


Blah …

What’s the real truth?

The real truth is  –  I’m not a ‘big fish’ with tens of thousands of followers. Not many people will even notice I’ve changed my niche – it’s really only ME for whom this is a big deal!

It will only affect a relatively small number of people on my list, and I’ll remind them that they can unsubscribe if my work no longer interests them (which they could do anytime, anyway).

And that thought alone is hugely liberating!

I’m free, I can just be honest and be myself.

And I can help so many more people now I’m clear!!

All my marketing and sales activities become so much easier now I’m clear!

(those years of learning I can now put to excellent use!!)

… and I’m actually being a great role model for my ideal clients.

I didn’t screw up, I was learning in action!!

Making progress requires me to make mistakes, so I can course correct as I go along.

The important thing is that I took action!

And all of my previous actions were valuable learning – because they’ve led me to this place of clarity!

This is the right time to come clean

To make a stand.


PS. If my story resonates with you, and you’re holding back from becoming clear on your niche because you’re scared to be visible, then let me help you.

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Over To You:

I’d love to know how this lands for you. Any tips to share on your experiences with niching clarity? Please leave me a comment in the box!

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