just be myself

It’s been a whole year since I created my first video blog,

and since then I’ve gone through a whirl of change and much progress, in terms of my confidence and my clarity of purpose and message in my business!

My first video, although terrifying to do at the beginning, was easy because I wasn’t talking about anything ‘useful’ – I was just talking about ‘nothing in particular’, and getting used to this strange new way of communicating and being visible!

I’ve taken lots of courses and training on how to write articles and how to create videos …. and they were great and I learned loads!

But I had a teeny problem in that I thought I had to do this ‘properly’, and that meant thinking of an important topic, writing a script and practising, and making sure there were no mistakes in the video!!

I wrote a blog last year about how refreshing it is to take on the possibility of ‘just doing video’ (instead of spending days writing an article).

It felt great to create that, and more videos after that, and yet I still felt ‘constricted’ in the videos I did produce.

My dream….to just be myself.

I recently had a dream where I felt free and light and was able to just be myself on camera (after witnessing some amazing people doing their video ‘thang’ in a video challenge)

What if I could be like that ?

Watch the video to find out first hand!

I’m throwing away the rule book, and relaxing into a new way of expressing myself – and TRUSTING that that enables me to provide valuable content and learning for my Tribe!

Over To You:

Are you feeling constricted by the rules of how you think you *should* be in your business? Ever thought about breaking free ? Do leave me a comment and let’s inspire each other!

PS. If my story resonates with you, and you’re holding back from being yourself in your business, then let me help you.

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