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You know you want to make progress in your business, but after lots of ‘How To’ business training or even coaching you’re still not ‘getting out there’.

Of course, in theory you know ‘what’ to do to market your business, you’re just not doing it.

I talked in a recent post about how fear can get in the way.

It’s clear that you’re good at what you do eg coaching, reiki, massage, yoga, design – that’s the thing you’re trained to do (the easy and fun bit!), and you know that’s effective and gets great results for people.

Yet turning this into a business and finding enough clients who will pay for your help can feel tough (if not impossible).  There are so many things to do that it can feel overwhelming.

And it’s so frustrating when you’ve done the business training; you *should* know what to do now, so how come you’re still stuck?

Does this sound familiar?

The reality of getting your business off the ground is that you have to let people know about what you do and for whom, over and over again, so that the right people will remember you and move towards you.

This is the second post in a series about how to move through fears and into effective business action.

Last time I talked about how we can make things simpler by effectively managing projects and tasks.

This post takes us a step further, by looking at how to choose between all the many things you *could* be doing, to focus in on those areas that are really going to make the biggest impact for you.

There are certain essential elements of infrastructure (eg website, mailing list) that need to be in place to make the process of telling people about what you do much easier.

And you need to start somewhere.

So you might be asking,

“How do I choose what to focus on?”

Well this is only an article, and it doesn’t replace individual help but it’s important to talk about the basic building blocks of business, and to point out that these can be actioned alongside each other, to build a solid foundation for your business.

And you don’t need to have any of them completed *perfectly* before you can move on to the next!

The first step to choose what to focus on is to ask yourself:

“Are all my building blocks in place?”

In my mind (and after all the training I’ve had!), you need to have the following:

1) A reasonably clear idea of who you want to help, what they are struggling with, and how your product or service can help them (otherwise known as your ‘niche’)

2) A specific ‘something’ to sell (eg a session or package)

3) Some way to let people know about you and your offer (eg meeting people at networking events)

4) The ability to have an effective sales conversation, that enables people to feel safe enough to say ‘Yes’ to working with you.

5) An effective website (so that your ideal clients feel welcomed and witnessed in their pain, and can read more about your solution in safety)

6) An effective way of capturing interested people who are not yet ready to buy, so you can keep in touch with them (known as a ‘mailing list’)

7) A means of sharing your wisdom, via useful content delivered free, so that people get a ‘taste’ of how you work and what you offer (this is where a blog comes in, which can be written, or via podcasts or videos) or you can do more public things like in-person talks or webinars. (this is the ‘marketing’ bit).

I’ve written these in roughly the order of importance, and number one has got to be having a reasonable starting ‘niche’, and a definite ‘something to sell’.

Now, looking down the list from the top, ask yourself,

“Which of these steps am I stuck on?”

“Which of these feels really hard (and I’m avoiding working on it)?”

And start there!

It might help if you imagine yourself floating above your desk, and then look down from on high, to get a different perspective on what’s in place, what’s missing, and what you still need to add to your building blocks.

For example, if you’ve got no idea on your niche and you’re not clear what you’re actually offering (or perhaps not comfortable talking or writing about it) then you can assume that your niche and sales offer need priority action!

Alternatively, if you’ve got a reasonably clear niche, a specific ‘thing’ that you’re selling, an effective website and mailing list, but you don’t yet have enough clients, then your business is ready to do more marketing!

I specialise in helping clients who are AVOIDING the very thing that will make the most impact! … from settling on a niche, to procrastinating on any marketing activities.

It’s a long list of building blocks, and it will take time to get everything in place.

But it doesn’t need to happen overnight, so please go easy on yourself!

And remember: start where you’re at – and be compassionate about where that is.

It’s easy to beat yourself up about all the things that you haven’t got done, or ‘should’ be doing, without being fully conscious of what’s achievable with the resources you have.

If you’ve got a part time job, or you’re a stay at home mum and your most pressing need is working out how to carve out some precious working time – then that should be your first priority.  

Also remember that eating well, getting enough sleep and having regular ‘downtime’ need to be high on the list so you can be productive in your working time!

Next up, Part 3 of our series: Make Friends with Fear

We’ll be looking at how to deal with those old fears that come up as you prepare for action and success!

Over To You:

How do you decide what’s most important to focus on? Is there anything I’ve missed from the basic blocks?

Your voice is the only thing missing from here, so do please share your comments and help us all to learn!

P.S If you’re procrastinating on some of those important building blocks, and you’re ready to get some help to move into action, then click here to book a Free Discovery Session. 

This might be just what you’ve been looking for to finally move your business forward!


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