wear the right hatSometimes in wistful moments, you remember how life used to be….

You had a successful career, you had structure and accountability; you knew what was expected of you and you relished the responsibility, knowing you were damned good at your job.

How things have changed….

Fast forward a few years, and now you’ve retrained in something more meaningful, here you are struggling to get your business off the ground.

Sometimes you feel like you’re treading through mud – you often feel unsure of yourself, and taking actions that will move your business forward feel like such hard work that you often wonder if you should just give it all up and get a job.

Does this resonate with you ?

This is the fourth post in a series about how to move through fears and into effective business action.

Last time I talked about how to make friends with fear, so you don’t have to keep pushing it away, but can be really conscious of how your fear is affecting you.

This post explores how to find the right resources inside you when you’re feeling scared, so you can take effective action and move your business forward!

Whatever happened to that strong, independent woman with rock solid confidence in her abilities?

The truth is, she’s still in there!

Your challenge is to remember that, and seek her out when you need her skills!

In other words, whatever business task you’re approaching, to complete it effectively you need to wear the right hat!

How do I wear the right hat?

If there’s a task that you need to do in your business eg calling a new prospect, and you’re scared and avoiding it, the chances are that you’re attempting to do this task from a younger part of you that doesn’t have the right skills.

You can sidestep the fear, by ‘adopting the mindset’ of that strong, independent, confident woman inside of you!

I have a nifty little exercise I take my clients through, that taps straight into the unconscious to bring forth the part that’s best for the job!

I can’t explain it all here, but here’s a taster of how it works:

When approaching a task you’re scared to do e.g call a prospect, follow these steps:

1) First write down the adjective that describes how you’d really want to be when calling that prospect

– eg confident (or compassionate, friendly, competent, professional etc).

[The cool bit is that whatever adjective you’ve written down, you can absolutely guarantee that somewhere inside of you, there is a part that knows exactly how to be this way! Otherwise you wouldn’t have that word in your vocabulary!]

2) Next, bring to mind all the little details of a situation when you were feeling confident.

Remember that strong independent woman? Bring to mind one situation from her history, when she was doing her thing effortlessly…

What was she (YOU!) seeing around you (maybe people smiling, colleagues asking for your opinion on something, maybe you were giving a presentation) – bring that picture vividly to life, make the colours brighter and the picture clearer.

What were you hearing – maybe applause, words of thanks, someone saying how much they appreciate your wisdom and help.

What were you feeling: be aware of your physical body, and adopt the same posture as you did then – maybe you’re standing taller, shoulders back.

This is what ‘confident’ looks and feels like for you (or whatever the adjective is that you wanted).

3) Now step into action with your current task

Now that you’re standing tall with shoulders back, you can call your prospect with the same confidence that you did when that strong, independent woman was in charge!

You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes!

You can do this whenever you’re feeling ‘less than’ you need to be, and when fear is stopping you getting into action.

Next up, the 5th and final part of our series: Take Action And Celebrate!

Over To  You:

Do you have powerful memories of feeling confident in a ‘previous life’ ? Were you able to use the steps to bring this back to life and take action on a business task more effectively? I’d love to know how this has worked for you, so do please share – remember, your experiences will inspire others, so do take a minute to comment, thankyou!

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