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Do you ever feel the pressure to be ‘out there’ on social media?

– Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In (not to mention Blab and Periscope … if you don’t know what they are don’t worry, I’m not sure either!) ?

Do you spend a lot of time and energy wondering what to put on your Facebook business page, and look at others who post several times a day with engaging content, and feel inadequate because you’re not keeping up ?

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We’re told we have to be active, be seen, create content, engage with people.

We end up chasing Likes and Follows, and Shares – and we think we’re making progress – it feels good to have people engaging with our content, and it feels really productive.

But here’s the truth.

Being on social media is a complete waste of your time, unless you’ve got your business foundations in place first. (Pieces like a website and a mailing list).

It’s a bit like trying to fill your sink with water when you’ve left the plug out – whatever you put in, it’s all just draining away.

You’re in business to help people, but also to make money.

And to make money consistently, you have to build a community of people around you who are interested in what you do, and at some point in their journey will be ready to buy your product or service.

Being active on social media is of no use unless you’ve got some means of developing a relationship with each person one to one, so that you can give them useful content but you can also offer things for sale.

Putting effort into getting noticed on social media is a complete waste of time, if it’s the ONLY way that you’re out there online.

The people who like or share your post can disappear into thin air – there’s nothing for you to hold on to.

And you’re left with nothing to show for your time and effort.

Use your precious working time to put your vital foundations in place first.

In order to gather a community of people who will eventually want to BUY from you, (and that’s why your in business), you have to have something for sale that they will want to buy.

Before you spend any time worrying about what to put on your business page on Facebook, or even taking part in any video challenges, ask yourself

Have you got your business foundations in place?

To figure out whether you’ve got enough to get started earning money doing that thing you love, ask yourself

1) Have you got a reasonably clear picture of your ideal client,

2) Do you know what they’re struggling with, and what they’d be prepared to PAY for help with?

3) Have you created a product or package of services that those people will be eager to buy from you?

If the answer to any of those is No, then step back and work on those before anything else! 

Use your precious working time to build your business foundations, starting with understanding your ideal client or niche. Everything you create in your business starts from that place.

Let go of the pressure to try to keep up with what everyone else seems to be doing.

Allow yourself to slow down, and use your time effectively.

You’ll be building a solid business, from which you can make money, AND help the people who really need your help!

Over to you:

How do you deal with the pressure to be ‘out there’ on social media? Any tips to share that make things easier for you? Please leave me a comment in the box below. Remember your words may just help someone else!

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