Time Management

When was the last time you linked time management with self care in your mind?

When are you really conscious of how you’re spending your time, and how that’s affecting you physically and mentally?

Do you ever feel drained and wonder why?

I had a lovely restful Christmas break, when I did some things I wouldn’t normally do, (thanks to a very inspiring book). I learned a huge amount about myself and the shifts I need to make to take better care of myself AND be much more successful in my time management.

The implications are huge – for my business and my life, and I want to share the lessons with you!

Prior to my break I’d thought I was doing pretty well; being productive during my working time and keeping up with my email and social media.

But my bad habits were revealed to me bit by bit as I read this very important book, and now there’s no going back – my eyes have been opened!

I’d decided to completely shut off from the internet – no email, no social media – so I could completely unwind and relax.  And in that blissful state …

I noticed the stark contrast between that and what I ‘usually’ do!

Do you ever get to the end of your working day and carry on working into the evening – just ‘finishing off’ a few bits here and there? 

Do you check your email constantly (just in case), and find yourself scrolling through Facebook late at night (for no particular reason, other than you’re bored and want to ‘stay in touch’ )?

Yep me too…..

But I’ve noticed this leaves me washed out, and it’s hard to get to sleep because my mind is churning stuff over – so I wake up tired and the cycle starts again.

There is a way out of this cycle of distraction and tiredness  – and it’s called being conscious.

The book that’s made such an impact on me is called Deep Work by Cal Newport, and I highly recommend it if you want to achieve more in your business (and ultimately your life).

The basic premise of this book is that in our age of digital distraction, our brains are being trained for what Newport calls ‘Shallow Work’, which reduces our ability to focus deeply (and get important stuff achieved – like building our business).

The  reason this book is important for us introverts is because it teaches us how to be more conscious of how we’re using our time, and about all the little ‘time sucks’ that can eat away at our precious ‘downtime’; downtime that is so vital to maintain our peacefulness and calm, and to get real rest and deep sleep, so we can be our absolute best when we are working.

It also means we enjoy LIFE! (that’s important too right?!)

In amongst our To Do lists, I think it’s so important that we learn what to NOT do !

I’ve realised that my brain has become totally wired for distraction, and I want to change that!

The reason I’m writing this is because I want this for you too!

I want you to be able to consciously choose how you spend your time, and be able to switch off from mindless distractions (like email and Facebook)  so you can really rest and recharge ready to be productive in your working time.

I’ve really enjoyed not looking at the internet at all over my weekends, and feeling really peaceful

(the world didn’t end while I wasn’t ‘connected’, and I’ve ended up being MORE connected with the people and things that are important to me – that’s a huge win for me!)

As sensitive introverts we are particularly at risk of feeling overwhelmed and frazzled if we don’t take enough downtime – and that means proper downtime; being constantly ‘on’ is hugely tiring.

So how do you improve your time management so you can properly rest and recharge….?

1. Have defined times during the day when you look at email and Social media

– and stick to your time limits!

2. Declare your work day DONE at a certain time of the day

– then switch off all devices and RELAX!  Anything that isn’t completed can wait til the next day.

3. Notice when you’re being drawn to look at your phone or check Facebook

– and actively resist the temptation. – You can say to yourself – I want to look at my phone, but I’m not going to – I’m choosing to have a peaceful evening.

4. Do something relaxing instead, so you can go to bed feeling peaceful and get a great night’s sleep!

This was a great incentive for me to figure out what I DO enjoy doing – and making a conscious choice to do more of those things.

I’ve been reading a lot (no TV or internet (including Netflix) – and it’s brought me peace and stillness in mind and body – and now there’s no going back!

Over to you:

I’d love to know what you’re making space for in your evenings (and how you’re going to stop the ‘brain drain’ of mindless activity) !  Please share with me by leaving a comment in the box below. Remember you might just help someone else

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