When we think about showing up and being visible in our business, all sorts of fears and unhelpful thoughts can pop into our awareness.


It was a real pleasure to interview the lovely Helen Evans recently, to get her unique view on how changing our perspective can make it safer for us to be visible.

Helen described how it’s useful to imagine looking at our lives through the ‘metaphor’ of a diamond with many facets.

Click below to watch the video:

The diamond is reflective – it reflects what’s behind us, and we believe that to be true.

But your past does not define who you are!

Nothing that you see and nothing that you experience is absolutely true – it’s only an aspect (or a facet!) of the truth.


Here are a few of Helen’s nuggets of wisdom from our interview:

You need to do that thing that you’re afraid of – take some action towards it and you take back control.

It’s ok to admit – “I don’t know everything”.

“There’s facets of every situation that are not apparent to me”.

We are each here to serve people 2 or 3 steps behind us. So it doesn’t matter if you’re not doing things ‘perfectly’ – enough is good enough for the people who need you!


About Helen:

Helen found the courage to emigrate young, and has been running her own businesses since 1996. She is known as the UK’s No.1 Scientific Hand & Fingerprint Analyst, and is living her life purpose, as a deeply real, warm and powerful kick-starter for your own clear and practical life purpose, and showing you how to express it through your business so you can live a truly fulfilled and confident life.

You’ll find Helen’s website here.

You can also connect with Helen on Facebook.


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