How do you know when it’s time to seek help with your business?

Before you seek help with your business, your desire to help other people through your work and do good in the world HAS to be bigger than your fears.


When you know that your business isn’t working, how do you know what it is that you need?

 Do you need help with your marketing ?

(finding more and better ways to let people know you exist and what you

Or help with converting interested people into paying clients?

Or is it something deeper, that can’t be solved by cramming more information into your brain?

Do you value 1:1 help ?

(it’s a higher price tag but very focused and specific to your needs)

Do you prefer to learn in a group?

(where you’ll be able to share your learning and your experience with other people around to help and support you)


When is the right time to seek help?

When you’ve exhausted all the possibilities for working stuff out on your own

(and you’re still not making use of the business trainings you’ve already got – you’ll know it’s the right time).

When that time comes, look around see what’s available –

See who you resonate with. 

Don’t be afraid to get on someone’s mailing list and follow what they’re up to – you can always unsubscribe.

And don’t be afraid to have a conversation with someone if what they offer seems like it might be right for you – you can always say No (both internally and externally).


Don’t leave it many months or years before you seek help.

Sometimes you have to take the bull by the horns, take a leap of faith and TRUST someone to help and guide you to making changes.

Changes that are going to support you in taking more effective action in your business.

By taking action and being willing to SEEK help when you need it, you’re
being a great role model for your own clients.

When you can receive help, you’re showing the Universe that you’re able to GIVE help, and giving a powerful signal that you’re ready to take on more!

Deciding whether you’re ready for help with your business and choosing the right sort of help is not always an easy decision, but don’t let that stop you moving forward.


When you seek help, make sure you’re ready for change!

When you decide to seek and receive help, make sure you’re ready to change!

Don’t waste your money on coaching or group training if you’re not prepared to take action outside your comfort zone!

Making lasting change in your life or business needs you to take action that’s different to what you’ve been doing so far.

Nothing is going to magically change overnight!

You have to put the effort in to do things differently, and take action that’s outside what you normally do.

Make a conscious decision to use your time and money wisely so you get a good return on your investment!

Make your decision with a clear head, knowing what it is that you need.

Your leap of faith will then bring you the support you need to be your best business self, and bring you the results that you’re looking for!


Group support to boost your confidence in being visible with your business.

If you’re interested in group support to help you be more confident being visible in your business – you might like to check out my programme Visibility Success School for Introverts.

It’s a safe space to develop trust and connection with others in a small group, while you learn how to soothe your fears and take on a different way of being in your business – so you can take the actions you’ve been avoiding, and attract the clients you really want to your business!


Over to you:

I’d love to know how this lands with you.  How do you know when you need to seek help?  And how do you decide which sort of help is right for you ?

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