Have you ever thought about writing a book to build your business and boost your credibility?

I must admit, I’ve toyed with the idea, but it never seems to be high on my list of priorities.

I wanted to get the low down on how to write a book without all the anguish and drama, and how to make sure it’s done right first time.

(the last thing we want is for it to be hanging over us for years, and then not be any use once it’s published!)


I interviewed Karen Williams, to get her expert view on how to make it simple, and what things we need to watch out for.


Karen is the Book Mentor at Librotas, and the best selling author of 5 books!

Having started out in business in 2006, and writing her first book in 2009, she knows the difference that writing a book can make to your business.

She and her team work with business experts who have a story to tell or a message to share. They take their clients from idea to publication, ensuring that they write a book that helps them to attract more clients, build their credibility and grow their business.


Watch our video interview below to find out: 


  • How to get started with your business building book.
  • The essential ingredient to make writing a book lighter and more achievable.
  • The 3 questions you need to get clear on before you start!



“Writing a book doesn’t have to be hard!”

Karen is so friendly and approachable, I’d love for you to check out some of her links if they resonate with you!


Here’s some links we mentioned:


Karen’s TEDx talk

Karen’s really useful workbook with 21 questions to help you get started in writing your business building book

Karen’s Facebook group for budding authors to get support!


PS. If you’re an introvert who struggles to get ‘out there’ with your business – you can get a tiny taste of the way I work by downloading my free guide to How to be Visible to your Dream Clients when you’d rather be Invisible.


Over to you:

I’d love to know how this lands with you.  Do you have any plans to write a book to build your business?

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