When your business isn’t where you want it to be, do you need business coaching or mentoring, and how do you decide?

I hear people ask this question a lot, and there’s a lot of confusion about what those two terms mean.

When your business isn’t working, you don’t always know what sort of help you need, you just want more clients!

I get it, so let’s have a closer look …


First, let’s talk about what coaching is.


Coaching in its purest form is about asking powerful questions to help you figure out for yourself the answers to something you’re struggling with. – both to gain awareness, and to help you take action; either to move you away from something you’re challenged by, or to move you towards something you’d really like instead.

Coaching can help you figure out your vision of what you really want, and also help you overcome any mindset blocks or paralysing fears that stop you moving forward.

I don’t want to drone on and on about the definitions, but I think

it’s important to know a little bit so you can make an informed decision about what sort of help you need for your business.

Many people who use say they offer ‘business coaching’ are actually marketing teachers or trainers; teaching people the practical nuts and bolts of how to find paying clients.

As a ‘proper’ trained coach I could take offence at that (and I know many coaches do) but life is too short to get agitated about labels.

As long as people are getting effective help, and the client is happy and has learned a lot, then that’s fine with me.

This is why..

“It’s important to be clear, before you begin working with a ‘coach’, what you actually want, so you can figure out what sort of help would be most effective for you”

What is a business mentor?


A business mentor is someone who has experience and has achieved success in certain business activities, who will share their knowledge with you, so that you can learn how to implement these activities in your own business.

I’ve had some fantastic mentoring for my business, helping me see way above and beyond where I am currently,  and helping me get a birds eye view of all the many pieces that go into building a sustainable business.

A mentor can help you to create a strategy (ie the high level plan of what you want to achieve) and the tactics (ie practical actions) that will enable you to reach the goals you’ve set.


How do I know which I need?


Here’s a few questions to ponder:

  • Are you aware of any internal blocks – eg avoidance of certain activities, procrastination, anxiety or fear when doing any activities for your business?
  • Do you prefer a more gentle approach with lots of ‘hand-holding’;  someone who can help you over any mindset blocks and hurdles, and figure out a way for you reach your goals whilst still honouring who you are?
  • Would you like someone to hold you accountable; to speak with them frequently, so you can talk through any issues as they arise, and stay on track with achieving the goals you’ve set. ?


If you answered YES to any of those above, then business coaching will probably be more effective for you.



  • Do you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve in your business, and feel happy and relaxed about your vision?
  • Are you someone who is very self-motivated;  happy to get on with actions that you’ve been advised to take, and to keep yourself accountable and on track?
  • Are you looking for an experienced guide who’s already achieved what you would like to achieve, and you want to learn from them?


If you answered YES, to any of the above, then business mentoring will probably be more effective for you.


When you’re thinking of hiring someone to help with your business, be clear on what you want, and don’t be afraid to ask specific questions about what and how they will deliver their help.


Can one person deliver effective business coaching and mentoring?


YES absolutely!

Someone who can work with you to create your strategy and practical tactics based on their knowledge and experience AND help you get unstuck and overcome any blocks to taking action on any of your goals.

That’s what I do!!

My absolute passion is working with sensitive introverts who have a vision of what they want to achieve in their business, but they’re feeling stuck and they know it’s an internal block that’s preventing them from moving forward.

I LOVE to coach clients to get clarity and awareness of what’s holding them back, and enable them to move beyond their blocks, so they can develop a plan of action that honours who they are.

I love helping them to break down that overwhelming mass of stuff called ‘marketing’ and help them to figure out a strategy and actions that will make sure they attract their ideal clients in a way that plays to their strengths.

Here’s another post I wrote about exactly WHO I love to work with!

If that sounds like you and you’d like to talk through with me where you’re at and where you’d like to get to, then let’s have a quick chat.

Click this link to book – I’d love to help you get clarity!

Over to you:

I’d love to know how this lands with you.

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