This post sets out the basic map of the three different areas where business owners get stuck and how they can recognise themselves in these places.

I’m nervous and excited in equal measure!!

Part of me wants to do lots more work on this (read, ‘another year’s worth’) before I share, in case it’s ‘not good enough’, doesn’t make sense, or someone ‘steals’ my ideas before I get chance to elaborate on them.

After working with Tad Hargrave on my Point of View (POV), I’m trusting that this stuff is meant to be shared, even in its current ‘raw’ state…

Tad teaches that we each have a unique POV, our take on why we do what we do in the way that we do it (I wrote more about what I learned from Tad here)

Tad shares that our point of view is OURS because no-one else is standing in our shoes and can see exactly what we see.  It’s our history, our life experiences, and everything else that makes us uniquely placed to deliver our view about what’s relevant and powerful for our work.

That goes for you too!

I’m writing this in the hope that it will inspire you to be open and share even the tiny seeds of your ideas, so that they can germinate and begin to form roots and shoots.

Ideas grow when they’re shared! 

Some seeds never get to germinate, because they’re never allowed out of the packet – they’re sealed in, protected from air and moisture but blocked – their potential is never realised.

So here goes….. these are my first tentative thoughts on how this map fits together, and how people might recognise themselves in it.

Eeek! Where to begin?

I’ve come to realise that there are 3 main areas where solopreneurs get stuck in building their business.


The first stuck place I’ve labelled Personal


This circle covers things like mindset, beliefs and psychological or emotional blocks. Also fear of rejection, criticism, and judgement as well as fear of overwhelm and other ‘sensitivity’ related issues.

When we are feeling good in this area then we can present ourselves to the world as grounded, balanced and confident.  We’re able to take on challenges and do the tasks that we need and want to do in our business.


The second stuck place is called Practical


As the name implies, this is all about practical marketing, sales and general business ‘know-how’.

It includes all the things we know we should get a handle on, but can be overwhelmed by!

Deciding on a niche, articulating what you do, building ‘Know, like and trust’ with your audience, and knowing what your community want and are willing to pay for.

It also includes creating a business model and sales funnel that will bring the income that you want, whilst serving the needs and wants of your community.


The third stuck place is called People


This circle is all about social dynamics, interacting with people in groups, either in person or online.

It includes networking, being able to engage in ‘small talk’, asking for and receiving help from our peers. It also includes the logistics of how to approach and develop relationships with hubs and joint venture partners. (these are people who are well connected and /or have their own community of people who may need what we have to offer.

Of all the areas, I know that this one is a particular challenge for me.

It’s one I’m actively working on, and as an introvert (and enthusiastic student!) I’m looking forward to learning and developing this area over the coming months and years!

“We can recognise ourselves by where we sit at the intersection of these stuck places…”

1. Preservation


So what happens if you’re ok in the Personal section (you’re feeling grounded, confident, balanced) and you’ve got a good grasp of the Practical elements of marketing and business, but you’re weaker on the People side.

(Many introverts are in this space!)

I’ve called this place Preservation.

These are the behaviours that we might see in someone who’s in this place: 

They may be shy and reserved with people they don’t know.

They’ll probably avoid in person networking, (as too stressful and tiring), and they might spend most of their time working at home alone and not getting out to meet people.

They haven’t yet developed or refined a way of interacting with people (either in person or online) that successfully promotes themselves or their business.


2. Pretending and Preventing


What if you’re great at the Practical stuff AND you’re good with People, but you’re weaker on the Personal side.

There’s two options here:

The first I’ve called Pretending

These people have the marketing and business know-how, and they have great relationships with people who can help and support them in their business and yet…

They’re well aware that they’ve got an internal blockage, (a ‘skeleton in the closet’) but they’re determined to ignore it.

They feel they should just be able to push through, and ‘get on with it’ .

They don’t want to acknowledge they’ve got any internal ‘stuff’ to deal with, because they don’t feel comfortable even thinking about what they call ‘woo woo’ stuff.

These people are very practical and pragmatic, and have a generally ‘can do’ attitude, yet they still don’t have enough clients and they know they’re missing out on opportunities in their business.


The second option I’ve called Preventing

These people will have the marketing and business stuff sorted AND they are happy to let people know about what they’re doing, but they’re easily knocked off centre.

They might have crippling doubt or procrastination some days, and they don’t gain momentum in their business because of something ‘internal’ that’s getting in their way.

They might not be aware of what this internal stuff is, they just know that they’re not making the progress that they ‘should’ be making.

Do you know any solopreneurs who look like they have it all together on the surface, but don’t seem to make the progress that they ought to, despite their knowledge and experience..?


3. Popular but Penniless


What if you’ve got all your Personal stuff sorted (you’re confident, relaxed and  balanced), AND you’re great on the People side, but you’re weaker on the Practical side?

This is what I’ve called ‘Popular but Penniless

These people are generous and giving. They have lots of friends and are popular in their community. Everyone loves and respects them, they are seen as beacons and role models, yet they have no business sense and very little income.

They have no structure or strategy in their business, and their business model (if they have one) does not support them.



Over to you:

Do you recognise yourself in any of this, or anyone you know?!

Does it make sense to you?

Is there anything you’d add to this, or take away? 

I’d love to have your thoughts!

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