This post explores the nuts and bolts (plus do’s and don’ts) of how to make partner marketing work for you!

How you can create strategic partnerships with other business owners who can help you grow your business (even if you have zero followers or reach).

This is the Partner Marketing 101 guide with expert Lisa Baker!

Following on from my recent post about the 3 biggest places service provider’s get stuck, 

I wanted to delve right into the place where a lot of introverted solopreneurs feel blocked – and that is in finding other people who can effectively spread the word about your business, and get you in front of a much bigger pool of your ideal clients.

You might have heard that having Joint Venture partnerships, (JVP’s) is a great way to grow your business.

You might have seen other people cross-promoting each other,  – but how do you actually create these relationships (and aren’t they just for huge businesses?)

If you’re anything like me, you might not be much good at schmoozing people, or being ‘fake’ to get what you want.

You probably crave deeper connections – so how can your introvert tendencies help you in connecting with people to grow your business?

Find out by watching the interview below!


I interviewed Lisa C Baker, “the” expert in Partner Marketing,


to dispel some myths and give really valuable information about how you can make partnerships work effectively for you to grow your business.

Whilst partner marketing might seem the obvious ‘easy’ choice for extroverts, Lisa’s structured approach works especially well for introverts!

I really enjoyed chatting with Lisa, and she gives some amazing nuggets of wisdom, that make it all seem very straightforward and do-able, even if you haven’t got a big following and you don’t know many people.


In this interview we talk about:


  • What is Partner Marketing?

    (and why you don’t need to have a ‘big’ business to make it work for you)


  • The 5 different types of partners, and which ones might be best for you.


  • The 3 Things you need to have in place before you’re ready for Partner Marketing


  • How to decide who will be a good ‘match’ for you to partner with and exactly how to make your choice.

(and the “inside out” view that will give you the confidence to connect with anyone – no matter how ‘famous’ they might be)


  • How to approach influencers who could help you grow your business.

(how to get your email opened, read and replied to!)


  • The 5 different types of partnership structures.


  • How to sustain your business relationships with people over the long term. 


Have a notebook and pen handy – you’ll probably want to write notes!

The main interview is around 53 minutes long, packed full of useful content.

If you want to watch a shorter clip, to whet your appetite – here’s a 5:15 excerpt!




If you enjoyed that clip, then

Sit back, relax and watch our full interview!



“Effective partnerships can be built on a foundation of radical human equality”


How you can learn more about Lisa’s work:


Free email series – how to email influencers.

3 month mentoring programme.


Other resources we mentioned: 


Tad Hargrave’s work on Niching Spiral

Over to you:

I’d love to have your thoughts !

Does this make things easier for you to connect with potential partners?

Was there anything that surprised you?

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