Boy, what a roller coaster 7 years I’ve had! 

Learning what works for me in business has been a really tough lesson, and one I’m still growing into! 

Leaving coach training in 2009 with no clue how to attract paying clients, I finally thought I’d cracked the code, when I developed and sold an online group programme in 2017. 

But what I’d actually cracked was myself. 

Realising I was very unhappy in April 2018, everything came crashing down around me and I was burnt out and depressed. 

I hit rock bottom. 

Even contemplated giving the whole thing up, and getting a J.O.B.

I took several months off to rest, and get my head back together.  

In May this year I was asked if I would host Tad Hargrave (from Marketing for Hippies) at my home in Gartmore, central Scotland. 

The build up to that event, and experiencing the buzz of having a learning group in my workspace re-ignited my passion for working in person. You can read about the event here.

(For many years I’ve had a vision of me, sitting in a circle with a small group of wonderful women, with the log fire burning, sharing stories and learning together. 

Because it was just one image, with not much detail around it, I dismissed it as ‘not a proper vision’ – but this is a tiny fragment that holds great power and wisdom for me.) 


I now have the experience of what I DON’T WANT. 


I have the experience of following a path that I thought would be good for me, and definitely ISN’T. (even though on paper it should be!) 

This led me to realise what it is I really value – and what I knew, deep down, that I wanted all along. 

I love to work with small groups in person; I love the intimacy of a small group, and to be able to facilitate deep sharing and insight for people. 

A successful business for me is one that makes me happy AND brings in a good level of income.

(it seems ridiculous to say it, but it’s so easy to forget the first part!)


Listen to your dreams and visions, no matter how small or patchy … They will always guide you to what your soul truly wants!

These past few years have informed my 3P’s model of business , and solidified some key pieces of knowledge. I’m excited to be constantly learning, and I wanted to share with you the 3 big lessons that have shifted things for me recently. 


3 Big Lessons I’ve learned over the past 6 years in business. 


1. Your business model is your number one priority. 

Your business model will lead you to the nuts and bolts action plan of how you’ll generate revenue in your business; which boils down to how you’ll be spending your time, day to day and week to week. 

How you spend your days is how you spend your life!! 

This has to be your topmost consideration for your longterm wellbeing and quality of life (not to mention sustainable income). 

There are a zillion ways to bring cash into your business; online vs offline, selling to individuals vs selling to companies, services taking your time vs off-the-shelf products that don’t need your input, and many combinations of those.

What you do with your time, when, where, how and with whom you spend your precious hours HAS to make you happy and fulfilled.

If what you do in your business makes you unhappy or drains you –  there is NO POINT in doing it.

Having an online business seemed perfect; reach millions of people globally whilst sitting in your pyjamas all day.

Yet sitting in my workspace, on my own day after day, only speaking to people through my computer  (and spending a LOT of time on Facebook) was slowly killing me. 

Yet ‘on paper’ that’s the ideal set up for me as an introvert. 

Now I’ve learned the vital importance of noticing how I’m feeling when doing any business activities; if it feels really hard, and heavy, then I stop doing it and find a different way to achieve the same goal. (or even change the goal!)

I didn’t realise this until it was too late 

(but in hindsight it was a very powerful lesson, that I can now share with you!) 

Make sure what you’re doing serves both you AND your clients!


2. Only YOU know what is good for you.


When you want your business to work, and you come across someone you admire who seems to have things all worked out, it’s tempting to follow what they say blindly, and trust that what they’re suggesting you do is definitely going to work. 

Oh how much time and money I’ve wasted following ‘gurus’….!

Yet the truth is that no-one else knows you like YOU do – and no-one can tell you what will work for you. 

You can take someone’s suggestion and try it out, but it’s vital to check in with yourself – to make certain that the activity is in flow with you as a person.

As an introvert, I get easily overwhelmed with too much people time; I hate ‘networking’, so I assumed that doing everything online would be a joy. 

But it really isn’t. 

Despite what I assumed about myself, I really need in person connection in my work and the exhilaration of feeling the vibe of a small group of like-minded people, sharing, learning, crying and laughing together.

I love being with people who can be REAL and raw and honest and ALIVE with possibility.  

I’ve learned the importance of having regular check-ins with myself, to make sure I’m staying grounded, and being clear and congruent with what will work for ME. 

You should trust yourself more than anyone else – only you know what is good for YOU. (when you take regular time to connect and check in with yourself). 


3. All experiences are useful – no matter what they are. 


Whatever result you get from your business efforts, whether they’re positive, negative or in-between – all experiences are valuable learning for you.

The flip side of this lesson is – don’t worry about making mistakes! 

Mistakes are vital for your progress – to help you figure out what works FOR YOU, and what doesn’t work (so you can stop beating yourself up!).


Living in such a beautiful, tranquil space, surrounded by nature, I’ve always wanted to share this environment with others, and lead events and workshops at home. 

Now I’m making this a reality! 

I’m now running live, in-person workshops in Gartmore, central Scotland. 

Check out the details here

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