“I’m not good at connecting with people” 

That was my belief growing up and into adult life.

This made perfect sense to me. It explained why I’d never had a group of ‘real’ friends, and why I often felt awkward in social situations.

When I first started my business, that belief bubbled under the surface, and made things a lot more difficult for me. 

It’s also no secret that I’ve got Asperger’s.  My face blindness and sensory processing issues make it doubly hard for me to feel comfortable meeting new people.  

(I wrote a guest blog on this topic a few years ago) 

Yet I really love teaching and facilitating groups in person.  If I’d been honest with myself, I know I’d wanted this from the very beginning of my business. 

(another thing that I cover in my workshops is the idea that beliefs often come in ‘clusters’. 

For example, “I’m not good at connecting with people” is also linked to the belief  “I can’t gather a group of people to attend an event in person”.)


The ‘seed’ of my awakening, started with being invited to host Tad Hargrave from Marketing for Hippies. 


I’d seen the general ‘call out’ Tad made for people in the UK to host him. 

But I dismissed that when I first saw it, telling myself “Oh, I couldn’t do that”

But then a few weeks later, Tad’s assistant Susan invited me personally.  (She knew I had a lovely venue in rural Scotland).

I checked in with my intuition, and imagined what it would feel like if he came to teach at my home. 

My gut said “Yes go for it!”

So I agreed. 

I rose to the challenge of gathering local people to come along in person.  I had a fantastic experience hosting Tad and a group of 12 people for a full day of marketing training. 

This experience reignited my passion for hosting events myself, and I decided to run my own small group workshops. 

Taking that action, and following my intuition with an open mind, allowed me to suspend the belief that “I’m not good at connecting with people”.

So gathering 12 people in person gave me the confidence and the ‘proof’ that I no longer need to hold that belief. 


“I’m not good at connecting with people” is simply not true, given the actual real life evidence. 


And so I’m now free to hold new beliefs, such as 

“I’m good at connecting with genuine, authentic people”

(and they’re the only type of people I want to connect with anyway) 

We only discover what we’re capable of when we say YES to an intuitive hit – something that’s just meant to be, and will stretch us out of our comfort zone. 

Comfort zones are meant to be stretched! 

“We are capable of more than we currently believe we are”

I’m excited for what 2020 will bring, and all the groups I will teach and facilitate this year! 


So I’ve got some questions for you: 


  • What beliefs are YOU holding onto that don’t serve you? 


  • What stories are you telling yourself, that are simply not true if you look at the evidence ?


  • How do you want your business to be different in 2020 – and what belief do you need to hold to help you achieve that? 


Why not come along to one of my Business Mindset workshops and explore these questions with me in person?!

 The first one this year is on Wednesday 15th January in Gartmore, between Glasgow and Stirling. 

I’ve got more planned each month, both in central Scotland and around the UK !! 

Over to you:

I’d love to know how this lands with you.  What stories no longer serve you, and how do you want things to be different in your business this year? 

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