Last week I had the brilliant idea to run a business networking event in Gartmore.

I ran my day long 7 Steps to Success workshop and people got much more than specific help with their business. 

I noticed that people loved the genuine, down to earth connection. 

The human bonds that were formed over a shared lunch surrounded by beautiful landscape were really lovely. 

After the event I was on such a high that my brain was pinging with ideas for a few days afterwards. 


Business networking in Gartmore – the idea just popped into my head! 


I’ve experienced this before – it’s the best of both worlds; real authentic human connection plus great ideas to help with your business challenges.

My experience with other networking is it’s often missing either real human connection, or you only get to speak to a few people. 

I’d always hated business networking. Yet I actually love it now – because I’m very choosy which events I go to.

For me it’s important to experience real, authentic, down to earth communication and vulnerability with other people about how things really are. 

With lots of business networking events you might feel you have to maintain an air of ‘professionalism’ to fit in and be taken ‘seriously’.   

At the other end of the spectrum, you might have a chat, but you may not speak to everyone in the room, and neither do you get real support with your business challenges. 


Introducing Business Brainstorming Lunch!


You get to speak to everyone in the room, and both give and receive help & support.

You don’t need to be ‘professional’ at all. 

In fact you can rock up in your dog walking clothes and wellies if that’s how you’re most comfortable. 

(and no makeup, yay!) 

“Business Brainstorming Lunch – You get to speak to everyone in the room, and both give and receive help & support”

Here’s how Business Brainstorming Lunch works: 


  • The event starts with a shared lunch – either in the kitchen of my home or around the open fire in my large workshop space. 


  • We then sit down and pair up for the ‘business networking’ part of the event. 


  • You have 7 minutes to tell your partner what you do, and to explain what your challenge is and what support you need. 


  • Your partner listens and then at the end will suggest solutions/ideas/ resources that may help you. 


  • Swap over and become the ‘listener’ whilst your partner does the same thing. 


  • One of the partners will then move along and you’ll repeat the same exercise with a different person. 



Why is this type of business networking so powerful?


 1) I’ve found the power of authentic networking to be phenomenal! 

We each know people, who know people, who know people. 

It’s not what you know it’s WHO you know!

When you’re running a small business, you need all the help and support you can find.


2) Having a structured event gives your mind focus.  Knowing you’ve got a limited time, encourages you to talk about the most important things you want to communicate.


3) If you’re looking for a specific resource or a type of person, you’ll find that someone will be able to put you in touch with someone who knows! 

This is especially useful if you want to become known in a certain area, or if you want to expand into a different area with your business. 


The benefits of business networking in Gartmore: 


  • We all sit down and have an ’authentic’ conversation with several different like-minded people. 


  • You get to discuss what you do and make genuine connections – so people remember you and what you do.  People will know who to refer to you because you’ve had such a close conversation.


  • Give and receive help and support with your business challenges. 


  • Support and connection continues beyond the event – you might arrange to meet up again separately or have a phone conversation.  The help and support is expansive and reciprocal.

    You may even find potential clients and collaborators!



What that tells me about my ‘progress’ :


I never would have dreamed about hosting a business networking event at my home before I ran my first workshop.  

Big ideas start with baby steps….

You can’t know what’s round the corner until you take the first step. 


What about you? 


What do you REALLY want to be doing with your business time? 


How can you step out of your ‘status quo’ and move towards what you REALLY want to be doing ? 


Would it help to have a group of like-minded business owners to share ideas with? 


Come along to a Business Brainstorming Lunch  – my first business networking event in Gartmore!


First event is on Thursday February 20th from 1pm til 3pm. 


Over to you:

I’d love to know how this lands with you.  What do you really want to be doing with your business time, and how could you interrupt your ‘status quo’ to find fresh ideas? 

Please share by leaving a comment in the box below. Remember you might just help someone else!

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