What’s your service USP?

There are many people who struggle to make a good living out of coaching or other ‘helping’ type business. 

One of the reasons for this is that talking about coaching can be quite intangible. If you talk about ‘holding space’, or making ‘transformational shifts’, it can sound quite woolly and not very compelling. 

If they’ve never had coaching, people won’t understand how powerful it could be for them. 

Along with this, there are many many pieces that go into being a successful solopreneur.

(I’ve talked before about three different places business owners get stuck


From a purely practical business perspective, there are three most important things: 


1) Deciding on your niche or ideal client, and making sure you have something concrete to offer that they’re willing to pay for.  


2) Finding effective ways that you can attract enough of those people. They need to get to know, like and trust you before they feel safe enough to work with you. 


3) Having an effective sales process for people to pay you.  You could have a compelling sales page, a webinar or an actual conversation with someone one to one.  


The inter webs are awash with business coaches and mentors who all offer similar things. 



Help you find more leads, more clients, more income.

Amplify your marketing effectiveness, so many more people will be drawn into your ‘sales funnel’. 

Teach you how to sell more effectively,  so that prospect wants to say Yes straight away. 


So as a helping professional faced with others offering similar things, it’s important to have a distinguishing factor or ‘USP’ that sets you apart. 

“It’s important to have a distinguishing factor or ‘USP’ that sets you apart”

What’s a coaching service USP? 


I want to distinguish here what I mean by ‘proper’ coaching as opposed to ‘business coaching’ or mentoring. 

‘Business coaching’ in my experience is very often delivered as a combination of teaching and mentoring.

As a small business owner it’s important to have both of these resources at various times, but that’s not what I mean by coaching. 


When I talk about coaching, I’m talking about allowing the client to lead the way.

It’s helping them navigate a path to solving their problem. The coach asks specific powerful questions, and encourages them to take action based on their answers. 


Proper coaching, by its very nature, can be fluid and intangible.

So it’s especially important to distinguish how yours is different from others and how this specific quality can impact the results achieved. 

I realise that might be easier said than done! 


This article is partly an opportunity for me to articulate how my own work is different from other coaches. 

Yet it’s also a call out to coaches and other ‘helping professionals’.

I want to encourage you to put into words what’s different about you, and why your prospective clients should give a damn. 


What’s my service USP, the thing I do that’s different?


A recent client of mine nailed it completely when she said 


I met Ann at a women in business evening, and immediately felt attracted to what she had to offer. Not because of the ‘business’ jargon side of things – as I realise often it’s not a quick fix, but an internal growth that’s required. 

My sense with Ann is that energetically she carries ‘Keys’ that can help the individual to access parts that have been blocked/or ‘Be’-Locked.

Caireen Todd

I help clients become ‘unblocked’, so they can be more of who they really are.

This in turn gives them the confidence to take actions that they’ve previously been scared to take. 


I’ll let another client describe what this meant to her: 


Since we’ve been working together there’s been a real transformation in my business, and my comfort in putting myself ‘out there’. 

I’m playing a much bigger game now.

I’m no longer staying small, and thinking that people are not interested in what I’ve got to say.

I’m feeling really happy about writing honest blogs (maybe a little controversial!) and posting them,  and people are writing comments, and approaching me for collaborations, coaching and mentoring based on what I’ve written. 

It’s just incredible!

I’m basking in this new place of putting myself out there and what’s happening as a result. 

Working with you has been phenomenal!

Dr Jane Lelean

Hertfordshire, UK

If you’d like to know how I could help you in your business, then contact me here for a no obligation conversation.

If I feel I can help, then I’ll let you know how. 

If we’re not the right fit to work together I’ll make suggestions on who might be a better fit for you.  No pressure! 

Over to you:

I’d love to know what your USP is, and how you articulate that to your potential clients.  

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