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Are you a heart-centred introvert who’s passionate about making a difference in the world through your work, but who’s finding it really tough to get your business off the ground?



Do you feel frustrated that you’ve spent time and money developing your skills, yet you still don’t have enough paying clients and hardly anyone knows you exist?

I bet you’re great at what you do, and your clients get amazing transformations through your work together, but the fear of showing up as ‘You’ and being visible in your business might make you want to crawl into a hole and hide.

Maybe you even worry sometimes that there’s something “wrong” with you, and give yourself a hard time because you “should” be able to do this ‘business-building stuff’ like other people can, don’t you ?

You might have been told that in order to succeed in business you have to stand out, speak up,  talk to people about what you do and generally act much more extroverted than you feel comfortable with.

Have you noticed a “push/pull” effect going on inside you, where you know you’d love to be out there helping your dream clients, yet you feel blocked and scared to take the actions that might get you there?

Imagine if you could...

Feel confident in yourself and what you’re offering so that you’re comfortable speaking up and sharing what you do. No longer feeling held back by paralysing fear, you could take the right actions - without fear of ‘getting it wrong’.

Imagine waking up each morning, excited about working in your business, and eager to get going. Being able to say No to all the ‘wrong’ things, and say Yes to what is right for you, so you never have to feel overwhelmed, and you can make consistent progress in your business at your own pace.

Imagine if you could finally start to feel that this business lark is something that you CAN do, and you knew exactly the next steps you need to take to start attracting more of those clients eager for your help.



Because let’s be honest here …  if you don’t find a way to get your business working for you soon, you might find yourself with your confidence at rock bottom, and having to go back to full time employment.

And after all you’ve put into making this work, that would be heartbreaking wouldn’t it?


I’m Ann Brown, The Business Coach for Introverts, and I know what it’s like to really struggle with visibility.

I’m a sensitive introvert who hates to be in the spotlight, and I used to have a terror of being visible in my business.

I spent years hiding behind my computer rather than actually make connections with people to promote my business.

As an introvert I knew that the ‘pull yourself together and just do it’ kind of approach would not work for me - the fear was too big, and I’d get overwhelmed and not be able to function at my best.

The turning point for me was to develop a close, supportive relationship with my inner child, combined with taking baby steps of action.

What did that look like?

Well, I stretched out of my comfort zone to do scary things, and then praised myself and celebrated what a massive achievement that was.

My first scary step of action was to post a comment in a Facebook group and share my personal experience of something. (instead of lurking in the background and just listening to everyone else).

That small step was the beginning of me opening up and realising that people ARE interested in what I have to say, and it’s safe to show up, to take up space and to share of myself.

That simple act of posting a Facebook comment, began a whole cascade of events, in which I stretched further and further outside of my comfort zone (while staying safe and supported internally). By stretching out and connecting with people in a more visible way, I was able to have many conversations with real people (not just imaginary ones!) and to figure out who my ideal client is.

It also enabled me to realise that the skills and experiences I have are hugely valuable, and that yes, “little old me” can make a big difference in people’s lives, just by showing up and sharing what I know.


The learning I got from stretching out and taking action has given me huge clarity that I never would have got if I’d stayed hidden!


This knowledge and clarity is priceless and it means that marketing for my business  (and actually getting visible) is so much easier - because I know who I’m speaking to, and I’m passionate about sharing my message!

Because I’ve lived through this challenge and overcome my own crippling fear of visibility, I now help self-employed introverts like coaches, holistic practitioners and creatives who are struggling to get ‘out there’ with their business, to confidently attract paying clients.

I help clients to get unstuck and step into their power so they can feel confident sharing themselves and their service offering with their dream clients and make the difference in the world that they really want to make.

I know how easy it is to feel overwhelmed with too many things to do and a fear of doing any of them, going round in an endless loop of procrastination and perfection paralysis.

I also know how isolating it is, to feel unsupported yet be too anxious to seek help.

That’s why I’ve created my brand new group programme - so you no longer have to struggle on alone, and you can learn how to get out of your own way and start being more visible so you can make real progress in your business.


Visibility Success School for Introverts

Work with me for 5 weeks to:

  • Get unstuck from the fear of visibility - take aligned, effective action towards your business goals.
  • Get visible to the people you need to connect with (potential clients/ collaborators/ colleagues / “superiors”) and make the right impression with authentic confidence. (Make that phone call / Speak to those contacts / Create that video to speak to your dream clients).
  • Step into a new vision of YOU - and see what’s possible when you operate in your business from who you REALLY are.

This is a 5 week deep dive immersion into what’s keeping you stuck and hidden, and how you can step into your power and take aligned action to be more VISIBLE in your business. 


*** Weekly assignments to implement with my help.

Make regular, trackable progress and see the results unfold before your eyes.


*** Downloadable worksheets to guide your experience, support your learning, and aid implementation of the assignments.

*** Teaching modules emailed to you weekly, plus daily connection and accountability within a closed Facebook group.

Unlimited access to the recordings so you can catch up in your own time, and revisit as often as you like which means you never have to feel stuck again!

Weekly accountability within the group - so you can stay on track and take effective action towards your business goals.


Here's what we'll cover:

Worried you’ll get left behind?

Fear not! Group support will continue for as long as you need it, so you can work along at your own pace, and no-one will get left behind.


You'll get unlimited access to the content - revisit this process as often as you want in the future whenever you want to boost your visibility in your business. 

This is for you:

  • If you’re a coach, healer, holistic practitioner, creative or other self-employed person and you’re selling your services either in person or online.
  • No matter what stage of business you’re at - whether you’re just thinking about starting a business or you’ve been self-employed for a few years. If you’re struggling with getting visible to promote your business, and would love to attract more of your dream paying clients, this is the programme for you!
  • If you’re willing to feel a little discomfort and stretch a bit outside your comfort zone - and to take action on the goals that are important to you - so you can get both real clarity, and real results in your business.
  • If you’re ready to face your fears in a gentle, supported way, and help others by sharing what’s going on for you so you can learn together.
  • If ‘showing up’ with people is something you find hard, and you’d like to practice in a safe, structured online environment.

   This is NOT:

  • A metaphorical “sky-dive’ from 10,000 feet up in the air” / “sink or swim” / “be bold or die” kind of programme.
  • A place where you’ll end up feeling bad about yourself and comparing yourself unfavourably to others (we all have a tendency to do that sometimes - but I promise you won’t be left wallowing in a pit - that’s all part of the learning, and I’ll help you to climb out and stay out!)

You’ll be encouraged to buddy up with other members of the group - so you can support each other as you go through the programme.


This connection with people you’ve never met before will form a vital part of your learning  - and you may well meet new friends and collaboration partners who can support you and your business for a long time to come!

Starts Monday 6th November

And... if that wasn't exciting enough, there are also 3 bonuses!

Your Investment: £295

Yes please! Sign me up now!


Before doing the course I was feeling very negative about the future.

Through Visibility Success School I’ve learned to stick up for my work, feel very proud of what I have achieved and stick to my prices.

I would highly recommend this programme to someone who was struggling with self esteem for any reason, not just visibility for their work. It introduces gentle ways to look at yourself without having to be aggressive to yourself.

It’s great to connect to others who are going through similar things. Everyone was very supportive and encouraging and able to share tips on what was working for them.

I felt nurtured more than I had expected to and I felt you really gave more of yourself. We definitely got value for money!

E.J. Balderstone, UK

Fed up with the lack of progress in your business?

Join the Visibility Success School for Introverts programme

Your Investment: £295

Yes please! Sign me up now!

Before I took part in Visibility Success School for Introverts, I knew I was at a tipping point in my small business, and wondering what could be if I put the right effort in.

I got a few ‘aha’ moments that have really helped me to move on and to think differently.

Through the course I’ve learned how to pace myself, to think of self care, and appreciated having the support and space to talk things through.

I felt the course was very good value for money, and I’d highly recommend it for people who are 'stuck' and undecided with what next steps to take in their business.

It's a safe space to explore personal things with lots of practical suggestions to 'shift' any stuckness.

I’ve recognised what keeps me stuck and now I’m more determined and focussed on what I want for the future, and knowing I can have it!


You've waited long enough - now is your time!

Join the Visibility Success School for Introverts programme

Your Investment: £295

Yes please! Sign me up now!

100% money back guarantee

If you do not feel I have delivered on my promise to give you the tools and resources to feel more confident about yourself and the way you approach working in your business – and you’ve completed all of the weekly assignments and submitted them for review,  you’ve participated in the Facebook group and shared with your buddy, then simply contact me for a 100% refund.

So if you’re thinking “Maybe I should” – then please do!

You simply can’t lose!