A different type of business networking in Gartmore! 


Business Brainstorming Lunch 



Are you a solo-business owner with a desire to make a difference in the world through your work (perhaps a healer, therapist, coach, consultant, designer)?


Are you looking to meet other like-minded local business owners for relaxed yet purposeful conversation? 

Would you love to spend a couple of hours with warm-hearted, authentic people,  receiving help with your business challenges in beautiful peaceful surroundings?


If your answer is Yes, then come along to a Business Brainstorming Lunch  – a different kind of business networking event in Gartmore!


Welcome to Business Networking in Gartmore!




Hi I’m Ann Brown, from Happy Being You and I want to welcome you to my home for relaxed yet purposeful business networking in Gartmore!



A problem shared is a problem halved……(Anon)




Business networking in Gartmore – What do I mean by ‘purposeful networking’? 

We meet together in a small group (maximum 12 people). We share a delicious ‘pot-luck’ lunch, then you’ll pair up for a purposeful conversation (7 minutes each way, then swap to meet a different person).

You’ll get to sit down and have a conversation with everyone in the room – and get to know people in a relaxed, home environment. 

You’ll decide beforehand what you need help with, and you’ll get the opportunity to describe what you need and receive support. You’ll be inspired and delighted at the ideas that come your way through the power of networking!



“Ann has created an amazingly supportive space, where we feel safe to share our experiences and learn from each other. She is very good at opening up space to talk and explore, and then bringing us back into focussing on what concrete steps we need to take next to achieve our goals”.

Carol Clarkson, Glasgow


Gartmore village, near Stirling/Glasgow


Cost: £20

To book your place: Click on the link below

Next event:  Thursday April 23rd 12.30pm – 3pm. 


Business networking in Gartmore – what will we do?  


1pm – 1.45pm – Lunch / chat  / enjoy the sunshine (hopefully!)

1.45pm – 3pm – Paired conversations to give and receive constructive support


  • You’ll take turns to tell your partner what you do, and what help or resources you’re looking for. Your partner will then give ideas/suggestions and then you’ll swap over and repeat. 


  • If you need some clarity on what support/resources you need, I’ll be on hand to give you some 1:1 coaching so you never feel stuck, and you can use your time effectively.




Business networking – is lunch provided?  


Your ticket includes tea/coffee and some light lunch items that I’ll provide. 


I’ll make a big pot of vegetarian soup or salad and other basic ingredients, so if you don’t bring anything, there will be food available!


However, if you’d like to bring small food items to share I would really appreciate that!


If you have specific dietary requirements, then please bring your own food. 




Business networking in Gartmore – What are the benefits? 



  • You get to sit down and have an ’authentic’ conversation with several different like-minded people. 


  • You get to discuss what you do and make genuine connections – so people remember you and your business.  People will know who to refer to you because you’ve had such a close conversation.


  • You get to give and receive help and support with your business challenges.  I find that being honest about the help that you need is a very levelling experience – we all need help and support of some kind! 


  • Your support and connection continues beyond the event – you might arrange to meet up again separately or have a phone conversation.  The help and support is expansive and reciprocal.  

    You may even find potential clients and collaborators!



  • Take the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors while you’re here !

    We’re surrounded by the beautiful landscape and far reaching views of the Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park. 

    After the lunch, why not leave your car with us and take a walk in the beautiful forest from our doorstep! 



Next event:  Thursday April 23rd 12.30pm – 3pm.



What to bring:


  • Pen

  • Paper/notebook

  • Business cards

  • An idea of what you need help with, or a business challenge that you’re facing


Useful information: 


  • Maximum 12 people to each event.

  • Booking is essential. 

  • Directions to the venue will be sent to you a few days before the event.

  • Tickets are non-refundable. 

  • (If you can’t make the date but have bought a ticket – please email me and you can transfer your ticket to another date.)

  • Here’s a useful blog to explain more about this event and how it came about! 

Ann’s “Official” Bio

Ann Brown, founder of Happy Being You, is an international coach, trainer and Mindset Magician, who helps solo business owners change struggle into success.

Her clients describe her as a ‘steel fist in a velvet glove’; gentle and sensitive yet always making sure they get the results they want. She is dedicated and dependable, using her grounded nature to calmly bring clients back to what’s important. Ann’s vigilance and calm composure help her clients focus and progress.

She lives surrounded by the wilds of nature, with her daughter and Bernese mountain dog.  She loves singing, performing in her local theatre group and taking long walks in the nearby forest.

9 + 10 =


Click here to send me an email

(or email hello[at]happybeingyou.com) with your enquiry – we’ll aim to respond to you within 48 business hours


You can reach me by phone during business hours on 01877 382856


“I love the feeling of peace in your workshop venue, it’s almost meditative, and it allows you to get some headspace.
Being surrounded by nature is so healing and having the mountains in the distance gives you a feeling of being held or nurtured”.

Geraldine Ford


“Ann has created an amazingly supportive space, where we feel safe to share our experiences and learn from each other. She is very good at opening up space to talk and explore, and then bringing us back into focussing on what concrete steps we need to take next to achieve our goals”.

Carol Clarkson


‘I found the group amazing. So friendly and welcoming. 
I really felt inspired and it was very reassuring to me that I wasn’t the only one feeling a bit lost with where I was going. It raised my self esteem and got me planning my next move.’

Polly Thomson


“Ann, I’m thrilled with how effectively you’ve provided clarity for me that will help me with my business. 
You’re a super person to work with, you’re warm, you listen so terribly effectively and you deliver really good solutions!”

Dawn Gregory