Day Long Business Mindset Experience

Are you an ambitious solo business owner who wants to make a big difference in the world through your work, yet you struggle with fears or blocks around marketing and sales?


Do you procrastinate, or avoid doing things you know you should be doing to grow your business, such as public speaking, creating videos, or writing articles?


Would you love to spend a whole day getting focussed help with your business challenges?



Hi I’m Ann Brown, from Happy Being You and I invite you to join me and a very small group of like-minded people for an experience of one to one coaching help with your business. 




Here’s who this is for: 

You’re a solo business owner in a service business, perhaps a coach, trainer or consultant, who wants to make a big difference in the world through your work – but you’re still playing small. 

You’re making some money and you look successful on the outside, but inside you know that you’re struggling with self-sabotage, procrastination or avoidance of the activities that you know would bring you more success.

Your business has become a slog, and you know there’s so much more that you want to achieve, yet you don’t have the time, energy or motivation to take those actions you know would make all the difference for you.



Ann, you’re like a steel fist in a velvet glove! You’re tender and sensitive but I know you’ll make sure I get the results I want.

I’ve been involved in coaching as a client for over 20 years and you’ve provided me with some of the best coaching I’ve ever hadand for that I’m very grateful!”.

Dr Jane Lelean, Hertfordshire, UK

International Dental Business Coach and Trainer, BDS(U.Lond) MNLP PCC


Gartmore village, near Stirling/Glasgow


Cost: £150

To book your place: Click on the link below

Next date:  Sunday June 28th 10am – 6pm  


Here’s how it works:  


Come along and spend the day with me and up to 5 like minded solo business owners, for an immersive experience of mindset coaching for your business. 


In a cosy, home environment you’ll receive coaching and guidance on how to overcome your business challenges.


At the start of the day we’ll briefly review the 7 Steps to Success process, and you’ll share with the group which of your business challenges you’d like to work with. 


At some point during the day you’ll have 45 minutes 1:1 coaching session with me whilst other people watch and listen. 


That means as well as getting my personal help with your issue, you also get to hear everyone else’s challenge and my coaching around that.


I guarantee that you will find additional value in listening in!


There are plenty of breaks for reflection, and if you’d prefer to step outside for some fresh air there are beautiful forest walks you can enjoy, from our doorstep. 



I would highly recommend Ann for her clarity, gentleness and capacity to hold a safe space for you.”

Kāmini Ashborn Grace. Devon, UK


This is for you if:


  • You’re a solo or small business owner, and you want the experience of a deeper type of help with your business (You’ve tried getting help with the tangible ‘external’ stuff such as marketing/ social media/time management etc, but it hasn’t made the difference that you wanted it to). 


  • You’d love to get my one to one help with your passion-led business, and you’d like to be part of a group so you can listen-in on my help for them too. 


  • It’s important for you to feel that you’re not alone and you enjoy sharing yourself and your ideas with like-minded people. 



It’s NOT for you if:


  • You don’t yet have a business or an idea for one. 


  • You’re not comfortable talking about your ‘stuff’ within a group setting. 


  • You don’t want to take a closer look at your internal landscape, and would prefer to just have ‘How To’ steps you can get on with.



It will be a GREAT FIT if you can say YES to one of the following: 


  • You’ve already attended one of my 7 Steps to Success introduction workshops, and you’re familiar with my philosophy and my approach.


  • You’ve read the 7 Steps to Success ebook and you’re familiar with the steps, the journey and you’re ready to get more hands on help for you to apply those steps for you in your business.


  • You’re happy to be open and talk about your feelings and your ‘way of being’ in your business within a safe, warm and welcoming environment, where you can trust that everyone in the room ‘has your back’. 



There’s a grace and elegance in the way you work Ann, that’s gentle, tender and strong.

There was a way that you stood with me, stood at my back so I didn’t try to escape – you didn’t let me squirm away from something I needed to stay with.

Kamala Murphey


What will the day look like?  


10am – 11.15 – Coaching 

11.15  – Tea break

11.30 – 12.30pm – Coaching

12.30 – 1.30pm – Lunch

1.30 – 3pm  – Coaching

3pm – Tea break

3.30 – 6pm – Coaching


What to bring: 


  • Pen

  • Paper/notebook

  • A sense of the biggest business challenge you’d like to have help with.


Important note: 

The day is scheduled for 6 people maximum. If there are less than 6 people attending, the day may end earlier than stated. 


Useful information:  


  • Your ticket includes tea, coffee, snacks and some light vegetarian lunch items that I’ll provide. 

  • If you’d like to bring small food items to share I would really appreciate that!

  • If you have specific dietary requirements, then please bring your own food. 

  • Maximum 6 people to each event.

  • Booking is essential. 

  • Directions to the venue will be sent to you a few days before the event.

Ann’s “Official” Bio

Ann Brown, founder of Happy Being You, is an international coach, trainer and Mindset Magician, who helps solo business owners change struggle into success.

Her clients describe her as a ‘steel fist in a velvet glove’; gentle and sensitive yet always making sure they get the results they want. She is dedicated and dependable, using her grounded nature to calmly bring clients back to what’s important. Ann’s vigilance and calm composure help her clients focus and progress.

She lives surrounded by the wilds of nature, with her daughter and Bernese mountain dog.  She loves singing, performing in her local theatre group and taking long walks in the nearby forest.

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Click here to send me an email

(or email hello[at] with your enquiry – we’ll aim to respond to you within 48 business hours


You can reach me by phone during business hours on 01877 382856


“I’m just back from attending Ann’s workshop set in the most beautiful landscape.  I feel focused to get to work and action the information learned.   Ann has that wonderful ability to make you feel welcome and relaxed; everyone was happy to share their experiences and contribute to what was a fun and empowering day. We learned so much from Ann’s steady guidance and also from the other attendees.

Highly recommended!”

Fiona Guthrie


“I love the feeling of peace in your workshop venue, it’s almost meditative, and it allows you to get some headspace.
Being surrounded by nature is so healing and having the mountains in the distance gives you a feeling of being held or nurtured”.

Geraldine Ford


“Ann has created an amazingly supportive space, where we feel safe to share our experiences and learn from each other. She is very good at opening up space to talk and explore, and then bringing us back into focussing on what concrete steps we need to take next to achieve our goals”.

Carol Clarkson


“Ann, I’m thrilled with how effectively you’ve provided clarity for me that will help me with my business. 
You’re a super person to work with, you’re warm, you listen so terribly effectively and you deliver really good solutions!”

Dawn Gregory