The 3 Biggest Places Service Providers Get Stuck: 

How to grow your passion-led service business
without giving up or burning out.

Are you passionate about making a difference in the world through your work, but finding the process of making money from it tougher than you imagined?

Maybe you’re telling yourself there must be something you’re doing wrong, maybe you’re not ‘savvy’ enough, or maybe you’re just not cut out to be a business owner? 

Are you assuming there’s some secret to making it work that no-one’s told you about? 

If your answer is YES, then this workshop is for you!

I’m Ann Brown, from Happy Being You, and I invite you to join me for this HALF DAY WORKSHOP, where you can put down the heavy weight you’re carrying and learn how to make building your service business a whole lot easier. 



Awareness is everything – 
a bird’s eye view and a new perspective 
will bring you more choice, 
renewed inspiration 
and more ‘Oomph’ to your business! 


In general, here’s who this workshop is for :

Perhaps you’re a Therapist, Holistic Practitioner, Massage Therapist or Body-worker, Yoga Instructor, Herbalist, Homeopath, Life Coach or Business Coach, Meditation Teacher, Designer, Artist or Singing Teacher etc

Maybe you’re passionate about providing life-changing experiences for people in tourism, education, nature, conservation, permaculture or the healing arts.

You work for yourself and you want to make a bigger impact in your community and the world through your business, but you’re finding things tough.

You know there’s a piece of this ‘business-building’ puzzle missing, but you’re not sure what it is;  the months and years go by and things never seem to change for you. 

While mingling with like-minded peers you’ll learn :

The 3 core places that service providers get stuck – and how to recognise where YOU are, so you can break free.

The one thing you absolutely must do LESS of to make your business more successful (this might surprise you). 

The most important piece that can make or break your business, and how to make sure this does not hold you back.



Friday 9th August 2019

9.30am til 2pm


Gartmore village, near Stirling/Glasgow



Early Bird price £47 until Friday 2nd August

Then £60.

To book your place:

Click on the link below, and enter the code 13OFF in the ‘promotional code’ box, to get £13 off until 2nd August. 

What to bring:


  • Notepad and pen (you’ll want to write lots of notes!)

  • Food item(s) to share at lunchtime. (tea/coffee will be provided).


What will we do during this workshop?  


9.30 – 11am – workshop

11am – 11.30 – break out pairings / tea break. 

11.30 – 1pm Workshop 

1pm – 2pm – Pot luck lunch (please bring something to share). 


The workshop will begin and end with a guided meditation, and will include teaching concepts, pair and shares, and group discussion. 


What will I have by the end of it? 

You’ll leave this event with a clear sense of what might be keeping you stuck, and you’ll know the areas you need to work on to up-level your business impact and income. 


You’ll walk away feeling inspired, motivated and relieved to learn the reasons why you’ve been spinning your wheels and how to get out of the mud and moving forward with your business.


What this is NOT: 


There are some workshops that are high intensity, fast-paced, scribble down what you can or it will disappear – intended to fire you up and spit you out ready to hit the ground running. 


Those workshops can be good for some people, but this is not one of them. 


There’s a lot of content to be covered, but my intention is that this will be interspersed with lots of reflection and thinking time, plus some sharing and discussion so you won’t feel overwhelmed.

To book your place:

Click on the link below, and enter the code 13OFF in the ‘promotional code’ box, to get £13 off until 2nd August. 

****** BONUS Clarity Call ******


Everyone who registers and attends the workshop is warmly invited to book a 30 minute 1:1 Clarity call with Ann; 


  • Get your deeper questions answered

  • Fill in the gaps in what you’ve learned

  • Find out what your next steps should be to get your business moving in the right direction.

Ann’s “Official” Bio

Ann Brown, founder of Happy Being You is a qualified coach, highly sensitive introvert (INFJ) and has 10 years experience in building and running a heart-centred service business.

She is a passionate role model and guiding light for heart-centred introverts who struggle with getting ‘out there’ with their business, and who want to step into their power so they can make the difference in the world they are here to make.

Her clients describe her as a ‘steel fist in a velvet glove’; gentle and sensitive yet always making sure they get the results they want. She is dedicated and dependable, using her grounded nature to calmly bring clients back to what’s important. Ann’s vigilance and calm composure help her clients focus and progress.

She lives surrounded by the wilds of nature, with her daughter and Bernese mountain dog.  She loves singing, performing in her local theatre group and taking long walks in the nearby forest.

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Click here to send me an email

(or email hello[at] with your enquiry – we’ll aim to respond to you within 48 business hours


You can reach me by phone during business hours on 01877 382856


This is a new workshop, so the following comments are from people who’ve attended a previous event with Ann.

“I love the feeling of peace in your workshop venue, it’s almost meditative, and it allows you to get some headspace.
Being surrounded by nature is so healing and having the mountains in the distance gives you a feeling of being held or nurtured”.

Geraldine Ford


“Ann has created an amazingly supportive space, where we feel safe to share our experiences and learn from each other. She is very good at opening up space to talk and explore, and then bringing us back into focussing on what concrete steps we need to take next to achieve our goals”.

Carol Clarkson


‘I found the group amazing. So friendly and welcoming. 
I really felt inspired and it was very reassuring to me that I wasn’t the only one feeling a bit lost with where I was going. It raised my self esteem and got me planning my next move.’

Polly Thomson


“Ann, I’m thrilled with how effectively you’ve provided clarity for me that will help me with my business. 
You’re a super person to work with, you’re warm, you listen so terribly effectively and you deliver really good solutions!”

Dawn Gregory