Are you a sensitive and intuitive female solopreneur with a passion to make a difference in the world through your work?

Do you procrastinate or get distracted during your working day, making it hard to get stuff done, so you have to work late into the evenings and weekends, leaving you exhausted ?


You might be feeling frustrated at how disorganised you are, and wondering what on earth is wrong with you.

You’re working so hard, yet it feels like you’re constantly behind. I get it! 

Would you like to:

Have a smooth effective process for getting stuff done, so you can be efficient and productive in your working time

Make more money and have a bigger impact, whilst working fewer hours

Feel confident to pitch for those bigger projects, knowing you can easily slot that work in AND do a great job that will leave them wanting more

Let go of the frustration, disappointment, shame and guilt, and feel free to take breaks – and even enjoy your time off!


I understand your problem is something inside of you, in your personality, or your approach to things, that’s causing you to get distracted.


I believe there’s a way you can be successful in your business, earn great money, and feel happy and fulfilled at the same time.



You can do rewarding work with impact, whilst still having a work-life balance that fulfils your needs.

I’ve been there and I know what it’s like. I had to revisit my past and figure this out for myself.

I know how to spot those patterns that keep you stuck, and how you can break free.

 I’m Ann Brown, a sensitive introvert, and an ICF accredited NLP coach with 13 years coaching experience.


Work with me and I can help you take back control.

I’ll take you by the hand, and using a blend of intuitive coaching and powerful NLP techniques, I’ll show you what’s really holding you back and how you can find harmony in your business life.

Together we’ll develop strategies that you can use in the future to never go back to where you came from.


If you want to avoid burn-out, and missing out on even more of your children’s lives, take a look at the ways we can work together below.

3 month coaching programme

Who it’s for : 


This programme is for you if you’re a sensitive woman who runs your own business. 


You’ve got big goals and dreams, and you’re trying to make a big difference but for some reason you’ve reached a stuck place that you can’t get out of on your own.


Your business is doing ok and you’re making a living.


 You might even be making a good living. 


But it just feels all wrong. 


You might have tried business coaching, or time management training, but it hasn’t worked and you’re still no further to understanding what’s getting in your way. 


You suspect there’s something inside of you, in your personality or your approach to things, that’s causing this problem. 


You’re willing to explore what’s really going on, by looking deeply at your current behaviours and also by revisiting your past.


You want to learn a new way of ‘being’ in your life and business. 


You’d love to embrace your sensitivity and have it be an asset to you, rather than a liability. 


As women we’re often taught, or put into a place where we think, that our sensitivity and our empathy are getting in our way.


We’re brainwashed into believing that our sensitivity is the problem and this is why we can’t make it work.  


But you know there’s another way.


Secretly you’d like to embrace these traits as part of who you are, because you know that that’s what makes you great at what you do. 


This is the key to making it work. 


Your sensitivity is a huge strength and you can learn how to harness it and direct it for your own benefit. 



This programme is a deep-dive intensive into what’s really going on underneath your procrastination and over-working.



It’s for people who are willing to go into a process that will take some time but comes with big rewards. 



This is real coaching.


Coaching requires your active participation, in a way that you might never have experienced before. 


I won’t be teaching, mentoring, or giving you advice. 


In fact, I won’t be telling you what to do in any way. 


What I’m going to do is ask you questions and actively listen to you, like no-one has ever listened to you before.


I believe you have all the answers inside you and my job is to help you bring them to the surface.


Working with me requires emotional effort; part of the power of this work is your willingness to go to places you might have been avoiding. 


My main goal is to create a space for you to go into these uncomfortable places and still feel safe. 



This may be uncomfortable


You and I, we know that discomfort is how you get to places. 


And you want REAL results and REAL change. 


We both know that if I don’t take you to those places, you won’t get anywhere, and the REAL shift that’s needed won’t happen. 


I’m not going to pretend that this work is not emotionally challenging.


In exploring your motivations and behaviours, you’re probably going to uncover things that are uncomfortable, at first. 


But I can guarantee that the rewards are worth much more than the cost of any initial discomfort you might feel.  



You need to revisit your past.


We both agree you want to revisit your past.


You don’t believe you can just forget about what happened and just try to fix things going forward. 


You know that in order to fix things you’ve got to go back and look at what was. 


You need to look at those experiences that may have led to your current way of being in your business. 



If you’re willing to open your heart and your mind, and to answer my questions honestly, this is what you can expect:



The benefits you’ll get from working with me: 


  • Take back control of how you spend your time 


You’ll no longer be worrying and second guessing yourself.

You’ll be much more effective in using your time to get stuff done.

So you can actually work LESS hours. 



  • Reclaim your free time 


Your evenings and weekends will be freed up to relax and enjoy your hobbies.


Take breaks and proper holidays to renew and recharge without feeling guilty.  


Enjoy spending quality  time with your partner, friends and family. 


Spend more precious time being with your children as they grow up. 



  • Have the confidence to pitch for bigger projects


You’ll be unfazed by the ‘competition’ and able to step up and out into a bigger arena.


You’ll own your expertise, and be able to share your knowledge in ways that get you noticed by the right people.


You’ll know you can handle whatever you choose to take on, and you can reach for goals  that previously felt unattainable. 



  • See your impact and your income increase!


You’ll be making a bigger difference because you’ll be operating at a higher level


You’ll be achieving your goals and stretching out comfortably for more


You’ll be charging for the true value that you bring to your clients



What’s included :


  • Welcome pack,  including a deep-dive questionnaire. 


  • 90 minute Foundation session 


  • 5 x 1 hour coaching calls, all on Zoom. 


  • Calls to be spread out roughly every two weeks, over 3 months. 



How it works: 


When we agree to start work together, I’ll send you a Welcome pack including questions about your past experiences,  your present challenges, and the goals you’d like to achieve during our time together. 


You’ll send your answers back to me, then we’ll have a 90minute foundation call to explore your goals, and how you’ll know when you’re on track to achieving them. 


During our time together I’ll be asking you questions and listening carefully to your answers. 


My questions will be deep and powerful, and your answers will give you insights that you’ve never encountered before. 


What’s the process ?


The first step is for us  to get to know each other and to explore what your current problems are, and what you’d like to achieve. 


The second step is to dive into your past and into your subconscious, and figure out where all those challenges have come from.


The third step is for you to break free from your old patterns of thinking and being, and to develop new ways of operating in your life and business.


The final step is to create a blueprint for success on your terms, so you never have to go back to where you came from. 



Sounds great,  what’s the price? 


The cost of this 3 month programme is £1800 (monthly payment plan available). 


If you’re interested in finding out if this is right for you, let’s have a chat and see if we’re a good fit to work together! 

Book Your Call

Mindset Breakthrough Session

In this 60 minute 1:1 call, we’ll meet together on Zoom for a deep-dive into what’s getting in your way. 

By answering my questions, and reflecting deeply, you’ll get clarity on where and why you’re getting stuck in your business, and how to break free.

[If you’d like to read more about my approach and results that I bring please read this blog. ]

Here’s what one client said after our session: 

Letting go of the feeling of disappointment and frustration about my past was a huge relief to me, and that allows me to move forward in my new path, without being burdened by this.  

It astonishes me how suddenly these feelings are gone! 

I certainly wasn’t expecting this to happen! 

Ann makes the whole process feel safe and easy – you can be yourself and just see what happens. 

Thank you, Ann, it’s been an amazing experience – almost like magic!

During the call I’ll enable you to release your biggest mindset block so you can take the next priority actions to have a bigger impact and income in your business. 
You’ll be able to record the call and keep it for your reference later. 


The cost is £280 payable at the time of booking.

To book your session click on the link. 

Book Your Call

If you know you’re ready for some help, but you’re not sure which programme is right for you, let’s have a quick chat and talk it through

Since we’ve been working together there’s been a real transformation in my business, and my comfort in putting myself ‘out there’. 

I’m playing a much bigger game now.

I’m no longer staying small, and thinking that people are not interested in what I’ve got to say.

I’m feeling really happy about writing honest blogs (maybe a little controversial!) and posting them,  and people are writing comments, and approaching me for collaborations, coaching and mentoring based on what I’ve written. 

It’s just incredible!

I’m basking in this new place of putting myself out there and what’s happening as a result. 

Working with you has been phenomenal!

Dr Jane Lelean, Hertfordshire, UK

International Dental Business Coach and Trainer, BDS(U.Lond) MNLP PCC

Initially I thought this coaching was expensive and I was worried about wasting all this money if it didn’t work, but now I realise what great value it is!

I’m now feeling happier in myself and much more confident. I’m not worrying unnecessarily about things which are out of my control.

Other people have noticed as well! They’re saying things like

“What’s happened Annette? Your posture has changed, you’re walking differently!”

Now I feel I can put myself out there, try it and learn from it.

I want to say a huge thank you for what you’re doing Ann.

This is life changing stuff !

Annette West, Edinburgh, UK

Shea Aroma Company