Are you a sensitive and intuitive female solopreneur with a passion to make a difference in the world through your work?

Do you procrastinate or get distracted during your working day, making it hard to get stuff done, so you have to work late into the evenings and weekends, leaving you exhausted ?


You might be feeling frustrated at how disorganised you are, and wondering what on earth is wrong with you.

You’re working so hard, yet it feels like you’re constantly behind. I get it! 

Would you like to:

Have a smooth effective process for getting stuff done, so you can be efficient and productive in your working time

Make more money and have a bigger impact, whilst working fewer hours

Feel confident to pitch for those bigger projects, knowing you can easily slot that work in AND do a great job that will leave them wanting more

Let go of the frustration, disappointment, shame and guilt, and feel free to take breaks – and even enjoy your time off!


I understand your problem is something inside of you, in your personality, or your approach to things, that’s causing you to get distracted.


I believe there’s a way you can be successful in your business, earn great money, and feel happy and fulfilled at the same time.



You can do rewarding work with impact, whilst still having a work-life balance that fulfils your needs.

I’ve been there and I know what it’s like. I had to revisit my past and figure this out for myself.

I know how to spot those patterns that keep you stuck, and how you can break free.

 I’m Ann Brown, a sensitive introvert, and an ICF accredited NLP coach with 13 years coaching experience.


Work with me and I can help you take back control.

I’ll take you by the hand, and using a blend of intuitive coaching and powerful NLP techniques, I’ll show you what’s really holding you back and how you can find harmony in your business life.

Together we’ll develop strategies that you can use in the future to never go back to where you came from.


Let’s have a no-obligation chat about your needs and how I might be able to help. 


Since we’ve been working together there’s been a real transformation in my business, and my comfort in putting myself ‘out there’. 

I’m playing a much bigger game now.

I’m no longer staying small, and thinking that people are not interested in what I’ve got to say.

I’m feeling really happy about writing honest blogs (maybe a little controversial!) and posting them,  and people are writing comments, and approaching me for collaborations, coaching and mentoring based on what I’ve written. 

It’s just incredible!

I’m basking in this new place of putting myself out there and what’s happening as a result. 

Working with you has been phenomenal!

Dr Jane Lelean, Hertfordshire, UK

International Dental Business Coach and Trainer, BDS(U.Lond) MNLP PCC

Initially I thought this coaching was expensive and I was worried about wasting all this money if it didn’t work, but now I realise what great value it is!

I’m now feeling happier in myself and much more confident. I’m not worrying unnecessarily about things which are out of my control.

Other people have noticed as well! They’re saying things like

“What’s happened Annette? Your posture has changed, you’re walking differently!”

Now I feel I can put myself out there, try it and learn from it.

I want to say a huge thank you for what you’re doing Ann.

This is life changing stuff !

Annette West, Edinburgh, UK

Shea Aroma Company