Be happy
being you.

Coaching for people who are not enjoying their life, but don’t know how else to live.

You feel like somehow you can’t have the kind of life that most ‘normal’ people have.

Others seem to live happy lives, but you know you’re just existing, not really living. 

If you’re really honest, you know you’re doing this to yourself. You’re holding yourself back, doing things that you know aren’t good for you, but you can’t seem to stop. 

I’m here to help you let go of those unhelpful habits of over-doing, over-spending, over-working, over-eating, over-giving, over-thinking….


  • Maybe you’ve had enough of saying Yes when you want to say No, and No when the real answer is Yes. 
  • You’ve worked enough extra hours, it’s time to reclaim your evenings and weekends. (and take all those holidays that are due to you).
  • Of course you want to be liked and accepted, but you can let go of all that mind chatter about what you should have said or could have done.
  • Maybe it’s time to stop raiding the fridge at night, and finally get a good nights sleep.
  • You can learn how to let go of the mask, and be comfortable just being yourself.
  • And let’s replace that ache of loneliness you feel with something warm and comforting that will stay with you forever.  

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Everyone has unhelpful habits and makes poor choices sometimes.

But for some of us, our bad habits and poor choices overshadow everything. They happen all the time and start to dictate what our lives look like.

If this is you, then you need to understand that this happens for the most part because we’re failing to deal with our emotions.

And it’s usually those emotions that we’re not really aware of.

I help you understand yourself better, get a grip on your chaotic emotions, and reconnect with who you really are.

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