Be happy
being you.

Hi, I’m Ann. I’m an NLP coach, and I help sensitive women recover from complex trauma, so they can live happy, fulfilled and connected lives.

Do you feel like somehow you can’t have the kind of life that most ‘normal’ people have?

Those of us with an unhappy or neglectful childhood, survivors of a toxic or abusive relationship, and targets of bullying at school or in the workplace are often left with feelings of guilt, shame or lack of self-worth.

Sometimes buried so deep we don’t know they are there, but only feel their effect on our every-day lives.

It’s hard enough being sensitive, living in a world not made for us to thrive in.

But when you add trauma into the mix – that takes things to a whole new level of complexity and heartache.

  • You might wonder how other people just succeed in life and go after what they want.
  • Everyone else seems to have close friendships and supportive people they can rely on, except you.
  • You feel an aching loneliness that never quite goes away, no matter how many friends you have.
  • Always hiding behind a mask, you’re never quite able to be yourself. Maybe you don’t even know who that is anymore.
  • You can’t stick with a job for long because you always feel like you don’t belong there.
  • You work hard, but never quite seem to get to where you want to be.
  • Sometimes you feel like you’re just inherently flawed.

Essentially, you go through life feeling like you are just barely surviving, but never thriving.

I help you understand yourself better, get a grip on your chaotic emotions, and reconnect with who you really are. You deserve to have a present and a future free from the overwhelming troubles of your past. I am here to help you get there.

Trauma is so much broader than we tend to imagine.

It has a way of leaving an indelible imprint on our brain for life, whether we are consciously aware of it or not.

Although on the surface, you seem to have it all together with a job, maybe a partner who cares for you, and a group of friends. Or you have tried it all, and worked really hard, but inevitably find yourself with none of that. No matter your situation, you just can’t shake a lingering state of anxiety and hopelessness.

You are not imagining things. What you are experiencing could be the symptoms of something called complex trauma or C-PTSD.

C-PTSD messes with how you regulate your emotions, distorts how you see the world, and makes it really hard to have deep, trusting relationships.

(For an overview and causes of C-PTSD click here)


A sensitive woman like you CAN recover from complex trauma and live a happy, fulfilled and connected life. It’s totally possible.


How to tell if you have

complex PTSD

(and what to do about it.)