I’ll help you resolve your suffering so you can come home to yourself.

Private coaching in the comfort of your own space. Let go of the shadows of your past and start living a happier life today.

You want to be your confident, authentic self in all situations.

You know the one. It’s that version of YOU that comes out when no-one else is around.

In order to do that you need to escape the everyday grind of your current life and spend more time doing things you really enjoy.

You need to leave your past behind you, so the ghosts of others have no influence anymore.

But at the moment that seems impossible, because you’re grappling with an internal force that drags you down and keeps your face in the mud.

You say Yes when you want to say No, and No when the real answer is Yes.

You overthink, overwork, overgive and all the other ‘overs’ to the point of exhaustion, and you don’t know how to stop.

It’s taking its toll on your mind and body, leaving you feeling frustrated, sad and lonely.

I believe everyone has the right to live a present and a future free from the overwhelming troubles of their past.

I’ve developed a process for people just like you, that will make all that stress and anxiety go away.

How it works: ‘Timeline’ – My 4-step process:

First Step:

hand holding pebbles

Identify the unhelpful habit you’d like to change.

Figure out the underlying pattern that causes you to repeat that behaviour, and how to overcome it.

Second Step:

pegs on washing line

Map out your story and discover the source of your unhelpful pattern

Find exactly where in your past that pattern came from, and what your younger self would have needed. 

Third Step:

woman seated relaxing

Go through the Timeline process

This process enables you to meet the unconscious needs of your younger self. 

Final Step:

woman walking in Scottish hills

Bring that gift forward into the rest of your life.

Now your unconscious needs have been met, experience what’s possible in the new ‘reality’ of your life.


  • Being able to pause before responding to any requests, and giving a true answer that actually feels good.

  • Truly being able to do what suits you, because you don’t need the approval of others.

  • Being able to reclaim your free time and do more of the things you enjoy without feeling guilty.

  • Finally being able to relax in the evenings,  get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.
  • Feeling warm, secure and loved just being yourself.
  • Not being so hung up on things anymore and actually enjoying your life.
Ann Brown sitting in garden

Why work with me?

I understand what it’s like because I’ve been where you are. 

My childhood was very unhappy, but I didn’t realise what a deep impact that had on me.

I struggled throughout my life and I used to live every day with an aching sadness and loneliness. 

When I discovered NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) it completely transformed my life. 

I trained as an NLP coach so I can help people let go of their struggle, along with the ghosts of their past.  

I’m a certified NLP coach with 15 years experience. 


How it works & the cost

Each step of the process takes approx 60mins, that’s 4 sessions total.

Our calls will take place online or by phone.

You can pay for the 4 sessions in 2 monthly installments.

Cost: £300 per month for 2 months.

sunlight shining through trees

After you’ve been on this journey with me, you can STOP…

  • Saying Yes when you really want to say No, and No when the real answer is Yes. 
  • Working all those extra hours, for no reward. 
  • Trying to please everyone all the time, and driving yourself to exhaustion.
  • All that over-thinking, and making yourself ill through lack of sleep.

What my clients say:

“You’ve woken me up and helped me find the confidence to keep going, to believe in myself and to trust my inner self.  I know you’re there for me, you care for me, you support me and I trust you.”

Sarah B.

Ann has a fantastic ability to gently breakdown barriers and get to the core of the issue. Working with Ann has unleashed a power within me.

Noelene C.

Frequently asked questions:

1. How do I know if this is right for me?

First we’ll have a chat, to talk through what’s going on for you and to answer any questions you might have.

You’ll have a sense of whether this is right for you once we’ve spoken. There’s no pressure, it has to feel right for both of us.

2. How often are the calls?

Once we decide to work together, we can book in our four calls at the beginning. You decide the spacing, but I generally find weekly or fortnightly calls work best.