A selection of testimonials from people who’ve experienced Ann Brown’s coaching…

Since we’ve been working together there’s been a real transformation in my business, and my comfort in putting myself ‘out there’. 

I’m playing a much bigger game now.

I’m no longer staying small, and thinking that people are not interested in what I’ve got to say.

I’m feeling really happy about writing honest blogs (maybe a little controversial!) and posting them,  and people are writing comments, and approaching me for collaborations, coaching and mentoring based on what I’ve written. 

It’s just incredible!

I’m basking in this new place of putting myself out there and what’s happening as a result. 

Working with you has been phenomenal!

Dr Jane Lelean, Hertfordshire, UK

International Dental Business Coach and Trainer, BDS(U.Lond) MNLP PCC

When I started coaching with Ann, I was struggling with pretty much everything – my time management, low confidence, feeling very nervous about finding new clients and that I didn’t have much experience.

She gave me the tools to build my confidence, plus practical advice on where to focus my efforts and what to do to move my business forward.

Ann changed around my whole thinking!

I’ve now got regular recommendations, and enquiries coming in from the website.  I’ve had 7 new clients booked this month already.

I feel like it’s actually happening now – I’m actually doing the skill I’ve trained to do! I feel more confident and I’ve got more belief in myself that I can run this business and it will be a success.

I’ve now got a business that’s really starting to pick up and I can see the light that I may be able to give up my other employment!Cherie Bennett, Kent, UK

Natural Definitions

Initially I thought this coaching was expensive and I was worried about wasting all this money if it didn’t work, but now I realise what great value it is!

I’m now feeling happier in myself and much more confident. I’m not worrying unnecessarily about things which are out of my control.

Other people have noticed as well! They’re saying things like

“What’s happened Annette? Your posture has changed, you’re walking differently!”

Now I feel I can put myself out there, try it and learn from it.

I want to say a huge thank you for what you’re doing Ann.

This is life changing stuff !Annette West, Edinburgh, UK

Shea Aroma Company

“Before I had coaching with Ann I was going round in circles and really unclear about how to share my message.

Ann helped me get clear about what my message is and how I can communicate it.

As a result of our work together, I’m much clearer about what my ideal clients are going through which has helped me understand my client better and be able to communicate with them even more clearly.

I have more confidence and feel more hopeful about getting my website sorted and moving forward with my business.

And I feel confident in building an engaged community around my message. This confidence has also enabled me to stand up for myself in a situation that I wouldn’t have done before.

I really loved the mix between coaching and mentoring.

Ann has an open coaching style, and from day one it all felt very natural – that I could say anything to her.

If I was speaking to someone and they were lacking clarity in their business, I’d say ‘Go speak to Ann’, because I experienced such great clarity in working with her.Teak Rehman, London, UK

Before I started coaching with Ann, I was feeling overwhelmed, confused  and not sure where to start.

Ann’s support was fantastic!

As a direct result of Ann’s help, I got paying clients much sooner than I expected!

I would highly recommend Ann’s services to others especially introverts who want help with their business.

She has the ability to talk to and understand how introverts think, feel and work which is crucial to help them create a successful business.

Working with such a lovely, sensitive introvert was the best decision I ever made!Lorraine Biggs, Worthing, UK


As a result of having coaching with you, the quality of my decisions has improved, and I’m now confident to make clear decisions and take decisive action.  As a result of that I’ve got focus, both personally and professionally. You were very generous with your time and resources, and I really valued your ability to make me feel safe; you really gently challenged my pre-conceived ideas about myself. There was lots of space for self reflection, and my clarity of thought and my sense of self worth have increased.

I would highly recommend your coaching because you’re ruthlessly tender, and I have absolute certainty that you are committed to me achieving what I want to achieve.

Ann, you’re like a steel fist in a velvet glove! You’re tender and sensitive but I know that you’ll make sure I get the results I want.

I’ve been involved in coaching as a client for over 20 years and you’ve provided me with some of the best coaching I’ve ever had, and for that I’m very grateful!” Dr Jane Lelean, Hertfordshire, UK

International Dental Business Coach and Trainer, BDS(U.Lond) MNLP PCC

I was stuck in a really desperate situation.  I tried many things to move past the challenge, but I could not find my way out of it.  I did not have anyone I could talk to about these deep profound struggles. 

Ann began by asking me to explain the problem and pinpoint what I hoped to achieve by the end of the session.  This structure was very beneficial for me!  It kept the discussion on track, the questions relevant and made the process personalized to meet my needs.  By the end of the session, I achieved exactly what I wanted.

Much to my surprise, I thought we were only going to address one issue, but the talk took a completely different direction.  Ann’s intuitive questioning forced me to dig deeper and deeper and deeper.

I gained complete clarity on what has been keeping me back in life and HOW to move forward. Silicia J. New York, USA

Social Entrepreneur

You took me on a journey Ann, helped me look at an issue, it’s up to me now to do the work.  

I would highly recommend Ann for her clarity, gentleness and capacity to hold a safe space for you. Kāmini Ashborn Grace. Devon, UK


I’ve experienced a shift in the way I see the past and a change in how it influences me – feeling less vulnerable about incidents in the past that were holding me back from really being all I can be.

I really liked your approach – it was very warm, calm and nurturing and I felt really safe going through the exercise, even though it was emotionally demanding.  It worked brilliantly over Skype which was a bit of a surprise. It helped to be in my own home and not have to worry about doing the cleaning because you were coming round!

I’ve moved towards greater clarity about what I need to be doing and been given a tool that I can go back to when I need to. I now know that as the past can be changed in my mind it is just a construct and it needn’t hold me back. J.S. London, UK

My name is Lea and I enjoyed one fantastic Clarity Session with Ann.

Before my clarity session, I felt like turning around in a circle with my head in heaven filled with thousands of ideas. As a multi-passionate, I sometimes struggle with which project I should “attack” first.

Ann’s magic during our session:

Ann took me down on earth.  She pushed me to name my five favourite projects. Finally, I came up with my #1 naturally – it was just a logic consequence, I had to admit while talking with her. What an insight for me!

I love coaching, that’s why I had already different experiences before. I never received such a massive homework, like clear action steps that we created together. Ann was like a buddy to me – “sitting” (via Skype) next to me, very caring and supportive.

As a result of this session, I gained so much clarity (if you want a number it’s 99%). I have now a huge massive homework list which I love!  Thank you, Ann! Lea Holzer Muller, Switzerland

Multi-passionate creative

Ann, I can honestly say I found ME during our call!

This is a huge compliment – I felt very comfortable in allowing you to guide me. You’re very skilled at what you do, and it seems quite incredible to me to have gone on such a huge journey in only an hour.

I really liked the fact that I didn’t have to look at anyone during our session – it allowed me to really concentrate. In other therapies I’ve had, I’d be face to face with the therapist and there was such a lot to process – this was so much easier.

Thank you! Sarah Jayne Taylor, London, UK

Because of all the demands on my time, I almost didn’t prioritise this high enough.

Now, as a result of this session, I don’t have doubt, I have a resolution; what I thought was a huge demon has now dissolved.

I don’t trust many people, but I trust you. It was really valuable for me to have a connection with someone about something important, and this is really going to make a difference for me.

I would highly recommend your Clarity Session because it’s rare to find something that can quickly help you to get to some point of understanding and it was important for me to have this.

I really liked your approach – you’re very clear, you opened the door so that I had to do the discovery, but you also guided it, so I didn’t have to work it all out by myself.

Because of how you guide it, it’s clear that you understand the process. That means for the ‘searcher’ that you can go with it, you can explore what you need to because there’s a level of protection. You couldn’t go by yourself, and you couldn’t go if you have a doubt whether this person has the capacity to help you – this is very special!! Julie Brown, France


I was grinning from ear to ear with what you came up with for me!

Clarity is exactly what you offer Ann! 

You honed in on the core of my problem. I’m now really clear about what I want to happen, and to go for it; to act to achieve that rather than body swerving it.

I’m now feeling really positive about things in general, feeling empowered, and supported. Catriona Stewart, Scotland

PhD MSc, Scottish Herbal Medicine

From working with you, I’ve finally come to a place of knowing, not just in my head, but knowing it in my body and being grounded, that my values and vision and goals and what I’ve been called to create, it matters – I matter.

It was really valuable having someone who listened, having someone that wasn’t judging or criticising me, and having a tool (Timeline) that I can continue to use when I need to change my state. Andrea Scott, Toronto, Canada

‘The Joyful Freedom Diva’

Before I had my Clarity session with you I was hesitant, because I wasn’t sure I could trust you, and I wasn’t clear on what was or wasn’t possible.

The best part of the session was the sense of being accompanied, you were walking with me and looking at the territory with me, with a great combination of listening and asking questions. It was good to be able to express myself, and I found your questions kept narrowing down the search, supportive of my direction and where I wanted to get to.

I wanted clarity and to learn something I didn’t know about myself so I can do things differently, and your questions really helped that way. Dorota Godby, Bath, UK


I was feeling really overwhelmed, pressured for time, and frustrated – I didn’t want to rehash stuff that I should have handled ALREADY.

Yet I found from working with you how much my soul needs to continue to connect with this younger part of myself that is still hurting and still afraid.

I found it really useful to have you suggest to me that I should reconnect with the little girl and you did it in a way that was strong and supportive, yet very gentle.

There’s a grace and elegance in the way you work Ann, that’s gentle, tender and strong. There was a way that you stood with me, stood at my back so I didn’t try to escape – you didn’t let me squirm away from something I needed to stay with. Kamala Murphey, Sacramento, California, USA.


I did worry how this process would work, with you so far away, and just talking to me on the phone, but actually it liberated me to say exactly what I wanted, without fear of bumping into you in the street!

The process I went through with you was very powerful.

You took the time to acknowledge me for who I am and value that. We established a level of trust that enabled me to go a layer deeper than another coaching I’ve had, and I gave myself permission to be absolutely honest with you. You were very attentive and astute about my needs and good at reading between the lines.

I felt held and supported by you, and I got the clear cut message that you were not judging me. You have a lovely voice, very caring and calming. I knew that if I got emotional you would have managed the process and I would still be contained.

What I most enjoyed about our coaching is that you challenged me in a very caring way. Your challenging stopped me wallowing, but also stopped me attacking myself, or putting myself down. You became a cheerleader for me.

Working with you enabled me to really understand and process some of my issues in detail, and also to explore the relevant action to take in response to these.  At the end of each session, I felt valued and energised, and I looked forward to our sessions, knowing that the world would be right afterwards!SK, London, UK.

Before I had coaching with Ann I felt very negative, with a sense of confusion and apprehension about everything.

Using a combination of really listening and hearing what I was saying, and using her intuition, experience and knowledge, she helped me to identify my own resources, and utilise them to move forward. Ann has a fantastic warmth and nurturing manner that comes across even over the telephone. She has the ability to gently breakdown barriers and get to the core of the issue.

Working with Ann has unleashed a power within me, and I now feel more positive. I feel that I can actually heal the past and move forward. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ann to others.” NC, London, UK


Ann helped me get over my frustration at having spent so many years in the “wrong career”, rather than following my heart and passion.

Through the clarity session, Ann made me realise that my choice of a “safe profession” in the past was the right one for me at the time, in the same way as finally doing what I love is the right choice for me now.

Letting go of that feeling of disappointment and frustration about my past was a huge relief to me, and allows me to move forward in my new career, without being burdened by this.

It astonishes me how suddenly the feeling of disappointment and frustration is gone! I certainly wasn’t expecting this to happen!

Ann makes the whole process feel safe and easy – you can be yourself and just see what happens.

Thank you, Ann, it’s been an amazing experience – almost like magic! Kati Suard, Cambridge, UK.