Ideal clients : The agony and ecstasy of being honest.

This is a post about a different layer of investigation of ideal clients and what that really means in practice. Instead of thinking about their personal characteristics (demographics / psychographics) - this post explores the characteristics that I love and ‘hate’....

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3 Lessons from Marketing for Hippies 101

Last Wednesday I had the privilege of attending one of Tad Hargraves’ Marketing for Hippies workshops in person! One (if not ‘THE’) best teacher of ethical marketing, I’ve been following this guy for years, and I’ve taken several of his programmes. I love what he does...

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[Video]: 3 Steps To Make Business Visibility Easier.

Are you an introvert who shies away from business visibility? Do you prefer to stay in the background… safely hidden, but not reaching the clients that you really want to attract to your business? In this blog I want to explore Who are you REALLY? and how can you make...

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[Video] Feeling stuck? Why you’ve got to do the unthinkable!

Picture the scene: It’s the day after a busy social event; you’ve overdone the ‘people time’ and you feel frazzled and fragile.

On top of that you’re feeling stuck – your brain is frozen, and no matter what you do you can’t shake that feeling of doom and comparison and guilt that you can’t seem to get your act together to do any productive work.

(This isn’t a new feeling – it’s quite familiar now, and it also gives you a great excuse for not being visible in your business).

It can be so easy to justify not doing anything scary (such as making that video, or making those business phone calls) because you’re not feeling quite ‘right’.

I know because I’ve been there myself….

How do you get out of feeling stuck?

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Could lack of safety be losing you clients?

I knew this business owner was fun, friendly and really good at what he did. I was curious to find out more and suspected that I’d find his work really useful, but I couldn’t quite bring myself to arrange the call. Every time I thought about talking to him, I got...

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Manage your Energy as a Sensitive Introvert …

Do you ever feel overwhelmed and guilty at the same time? Guilty that you ‘should’ be able to get more done in a day? Guilty that you’ve fallen behind ^again^? As sensitive introverts it’s easy for us to feel overwhelmed, with our energy...

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Brain frazzled? Overwhelmed? Here’s how to fix it!

Do you ever feel like your head is full of ideas  (brain frazzle?) and you're feeling detached from your body and spinning off into overwhelm ? Today I want to give you a simple technique for overcoming brain frazzle. I think it's a very good way of bringing you back...

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The Diamond Perspective: Interview with Helen Evans

When we think about showing up and being visible in our business, all sorts of fears and unhelpful thoughts can pop into our awareness.   It was a real pleasure to interview the lovely Helen Evans recently, to get her unique view on how changing our perspective...

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I’ve found my dream way of working… what’s yours? 

I’ve found my dream way of working…. and I know that having YOUR dream way of working is absolutely possible for you. It's my mission to help you do that, to help you to figure out what is your flow, and to make sure that you are in your flow as often as possible so...

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Enabling your wisdom to emerge

Today I want to talk to you about finding the expertise that you have inside you.   I believe that we all have expertise. We're all wise experts in something, and I know that you have an expertise that maybe you're already sharing, and maybe you're not. Maybe...

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Embracing Who You Are

Today I want to share with you a story about how I came to overcome my paralysing fear of speaking up and being seen, and the beginning of my journey to being comfortable with who I am and able to present myself and build a business. So, it begins about 10 years ago....

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