Are you an introvert who shies away from business visibility?

Do you prefer to stay in the background… safely hidden, but not reaching the clients that you really want to attract to your business?

In this blog I want to explore

Who are you REALLY?

and how can you make business visibility easier?

When you’re approaching a scary task, something you have to do for your business, do you ever feel so anxious that you work yourself up into a frazzle of worry and you can’t do it?

Maybe it’s making phone calls to prospects.

Maybe it’s going to a networking event or maybe it’s talking to people about what you do.

You can have so much negative self-talk saying things like

“They’ll think I’m stupid”

“I won’t know what to say”

“I don’t know enough”

and so you might procrastinate or you might avoid doing it altogether.

So what is going on?

What’s going on inside you when that’s happening?

Well, the truth is in a lot of cases, your inner child is running the show.

Your inner child feels scared and unsure and really not up to the task of doing this action that you have to do in your business.

I’ve written more about this whole challenge here

Of course, we can’t expect the child part of us to do those actions that are supposed to be done by an adult and yet, often when we approach these tasks, we don’t stop to think what’s going on.

We allow this sort of ‘hamster wheel’ of worry to take over and not stop to think what’s actually going on.

If you can become conscious of what’s going on when you begin this sort of worry cycle then you can do something about it.

If this ever happens to you then I’ve got some steps that I want to share with you for getting out of that cycle.


Steps to more comfortable business visibility


Step 1 is to listen. 

If you’re feeling worried, anxious and procrastinating then I will say the first thing to do is to stop.

Stop, get off that hamster wheel and go inside.

Take some quiet time to listen to what’s going on inside of you.

Be compassionate, kind and nurturing to that younger part of you, the part that’s bringing up these worries.

You can watch a video I created about this here


Step 2 is to reassure the younger part of you 

Once you’ve actively listened to all those worries, now it’s time to reassure that younger part of you that she’s safe.

Reassure her that it’s okay, you’re not expecting her to do all of these actions on her own.

It’s important to remind her that she’s not alone, that she’s not expected to do this by herself.


Step 3 is to bring out more of the other parts of you

Once your younger self is feeling safe, then you’ve got more space available and you can start to bring out more of the other resources, the other parts of you that you have inside.

The strong, confident, capable parts, that are fully able and willing to take the actions that will mean greater business visibility for you.

How do you do this?

Remember some of the things that you’re good at!

Acknowledge and appreciate yourself for those things so that you can step into a place of appreciation and feeling good about those things that you can do well.

I’ve written in more detail about how you can do this here.

In this way, you can embody the confident, capable part of you who can then take clear, decisive action on the tasks that will bring you greater business visibility, and attract more of your perfect clients towards you!


Are you nervous and avoiding business visibility?


If you’re nervous and avoiding business visibility and you often get into a cycle of anxiety and procrastination then I want you to know this ….

You don’t have to feel stuck anymore…

You don’t have to feel small, incapable and worried…

By acknowledging that younger part of you and then bringing other parts of you into action – you can do those scary things.

You can take those actions that will bring you greater business visibility – like making the phone call to that prospect, or going to that networking event and talking about what you do, or sharing a useful snippet on social media.

You can learn to do those things from a place of confidence, strength and power from within you and not from a small, scared place.

Business visibility becomes easier when you become conscious of the other parts of you that are available to take those scary actions!

That’s when the real magic happens!


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